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A Dog & Cat Moment

Our pooch and kitty section at our First & Spring shop grows and grows. Where would we be without our four-legged friends? From books to calendars to artwork to salt and pepper shakers and a whole lot in between, it is an ever evolving display. The ‘I Wish I Could Text My Dog’ mug a personal favorite. It is an area in the store where I always see folks smiling and looking supremely happy.



At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life

Just In, and quite excited to share a new book by my friends Susanna Salk and Stacey Bewkes. You all might remember this chic duo from the video they produced about Hawthorne awhile back. Stacey pens the wildly popular Quintessence lifestyle blog which includes shooting the At Home with video series along with Susanna. ‘At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life’ is written by Susanna and photographed by Stacey. It is the most charming book for all of us dog lovers out there. Just in time for gift giving season, I might add! From Bunny Williams to Charlotte Moss and so many creative & talented designers in-between, they share the story of their pooches–from how they first got them to stylish living tips galore. Big and small dogs of just about every breed are presented in situ, which is so fun seeing each in their visually inspired home. Really quite a gem in so many ways. We have stacks at the shops and are always more than happy to wrap them up and ship them out.




20130508-054643.jpg It is not often that we carry a book that we used to stock close to 15 years ago. But, Barkitecture, is one such book that has made a comeback on our shelves. Written by a longtime dear friend of ours, Fred Albert, the book really is timeless for pooch fans. Get a creative glimpse of creative doghouses and some of the lucky pooches who get to call them home. Some of these dog houses are over the top, but it is fun to see just how ‘out of the box’ some of the designers went when creating these canine palaces. Really such a fun coffee table book for any dog lover.

*This post was approved by Bailey.



The French Dog

20120607-062126.jpg We got this book in last week and within days the big stack of them had quickly sold. We have another stack on the way. This is the sweetest book, shot by the very talented Rachael Hale. If you are a fan of the pooch, then this book will delight. The shots of dogs around France is like taking a quick trip without the jet lag.




20120607-062913.jpg How perfectly French, and how perfectly stylish–cuffed jeans, fab blazer, sock less with loafers, a cool bag, walking 3 pooches.




20120607-063335.jpg The perfect coffee table book. We also stock ‘The French Cat’ too, which is equally delightful.

Happy Thursday!



Happy Dog

20120125-063904.jpg Our dog section continues to grow. I am just finding so much fun stuff to add to it. We found some apropos vintage flashcards that made a whimsical piece of art, staying with our ‘art’ theme of the last few days.

20120125-064404.jpg The Denise Fiedler pieces of dogs are always a hit, as well as our variety of pooch themed reading material.

20120125-064621.jpg We just got these in yesterday. The perfect water and food bowls!

20120125-064731.jpg The Hugo Guinness dog images are charming too.

20120125-064855.jpg Such a face, and what incredible eyes.

20120125-064954.jpg And our selection of Harry Barker goods is sure to delight.



Pooch Product

20110930-065550.jpg I mentioned in an earlier post this week that our dog area has grown. It is fun to offer a variety of things that are great to give as gifts to a friend with a dog, or to keep for your own best buddy. The red tennis balls from Harry Barker will be a gift giving winner this season.

20110930-070025.jpg A book of poems about dogs we have stocked for years.

20110930-070152.jpg These just make me chuckle, they are so practical yet clever. They are biodegradable waste bags that have the No. 2 printed all over them.

20110930-070814.jpg We offer a huge variety of dogs from Denise Fiedler, whose work we just can’t get enough of.