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More of More + A Little Vintage

20140204-073927.jpg It was a full snowy day of buying at the show. I love that some of the vendors now sell vintage goods. It is good for my soul to have a little visual break from new and see a little old. It was a day filled with eye candy at each turn. Here are some I captured.

20140204-074240.jpg Such a pretty start to the show right as I walked in and checked in my coat.

20140204-074442.jpg Can’t really fully describe how cool this whole thing looked in person. Wow.

20140204-074545.jpg Stylish new Juliska added to the Watson Kennedy collection.

20140204-074719.jpg Cool looking and incredibly comfy.


20140204-074932.jpg Was loving all the warm earth tone things yesterday.

20140204-075045.jpg A little more vintage.

20140204-075200.jpg Big time loving that handle.

20140204-075315.jpg The day ended perfectly with a sublime dinner at Prune. It was a very good day, indeed.



A Day of Buying at the Show

20140203-070901.jpg I am typing this as the snow falls in the early morning, watching it cover the city. Happy I brought my L.L. Bean boots. Yesterday was a full, full day of buying at the show, finding inspiration and gems at every turn. I have written this before, but it is so true, and it strikes me each time I walk a show–it is like finding the needle in a haystack. Looking at hundreds and hundreds of things before you find that one. That amazing one. Yesterday I found many…

20140203-071621.jpg Each bowl is slightly different, which I adore. Makes displaying them so cool. These will hold a zillion different things, from dips to nuts to paper clips. I love when objects have tons of different usages.

20140203-071920.jpg These are going to be so beautiful weaved into the beach and shell display at the home store.

20140203-072103.jpg I am not a big lover of mugs. There are just so many not great ones out there. These past the muster in a big way. Really great.

20140203-072241.jpg Seriously, so tough to decide because they are all so good. Lots of time spent in the John Derian booth choosing incredibly beautiful platters, plates and paperweights.

I would have sworn I clicked away more images, but you know I get in the zone. More to come tomorrow, for sure. Missing being in Seattle a tad at this moment as I am sure the energy in the city is just electric after the big Seahawks win last night at the Super Bowl. But there are so many Seattle folk in New York right now it is fun to feel the excitement in the air here.
From very snowy NYC,



A Full Day of Buying

It was a non-stop day of buying at the show. It is really such fun, but also a tad stressful. “Oh, you get to go to New York and go shopping!” is occasionally said to me before we depart on trip to New York. Shopping to me is when we get to keep the goods. Buying is when I buy things to resell them which is what I do almost daily. Waking a show looking for the gems in a sea of, and I really want to be nice with this, so I will just say quite a few non-gems–takes laser like concentration. The stress comes in because you are making decisions left & right, and are spending a whole lot of dough. I adore the process, but I really try and stay focused the entire time, so by the end of the day I am beat. A good beat. Here are a few of the gems that caught my eye and will be coming soon to WK.







Day 2

20130820-063105.jpg So, this has happened before. I get into a groove, almost a ‘zen like’ buying mode and I forget to click away stuff as I am going along. The sweet apple single stem flower holders was all I captured at the show yesterday in the form of photos. Oh but what a day. I found such great stuff!

20130820-063610.jpg I also squeezed in a quick 15 minute visit with our uber creative friend Jane Dagmi. She designed the interior of an RV for a promotional trip that is the brainchild for a PR company she is doing work for. The tricked out RV was colorfully designed and it was so cool to see how cleverly she designed all aspects of the space. It was a fun respite from buying in the middle of the day.

20130820-064234.jpg The day ended with dinner at Buvette. So yummy. Put this on your list if you visit the city. Breakfast, lunch or dinner–Buvette just rocks.

20130820-064410.jpg I had a meeting at fab stationer Dempsey & Carroll at the end of the day. Loving this new card. Perfect really. Now off to the show I go…



Fun Finds at NY NOW

20130819- 054052.jpg What was the New York International Gift Fair is now named, NY NOW. Different name, still the best show, hands down. It was a full day of buying and it was soooo very good. The shops & website are going to be brimming with fab new finds.

20130819-054752.jpg I am thrilled to be adding the works of British collage artist Clare Goddard to our mix. I have been a fan of her assemblages forever. They are going to be so cool mixed in on the art wall at the Home store.

20130819-055030.jpg John Derian added some new melamine plates to his already glorious collection that are just so fun. Look for those coming our way in the coming months.

20130819-055235.jpg I found these fabulous swings that you install in a tree. I adore these. New and old fashioned at the same time.

20130819-055429.jpg Really, really lovely cotton throw blankets with bold graphics running throughout.

20130819-055605.jpg New coasters. These will look so fun tied-up for a Christmas host/hostess gift.

20130819-055731.jpg With my friend Stacy in her Dunes and Duchess booth. Such beautiful things they create. The etagere behind us is just divine. I brought her a little Mariage Freres treat to give her a little tea infused boost during the show.

20130819-060040.jpg And no show day would be complete without a special meal to cap off the day. A martini at Freemans started off the eve.

20130819-060242.jpg Then a quick few block walk and then it was a little Prune love. One of my all time favorites. ‘Twas a perfect way to end a very full & busy day.