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Vintage Educational Flashcards

20140620-050335.jpg I have started adding to both shops collection of vintage educational flashcards again, as I recently acquired 2 awesome sets. One from the 40’s and another from the 60’s. These bring back memories from when I was a little kid.

20140620-050628.jpg Fun to use in art projects, stellar to frame, and quite unique to send/give as a greeting card–these really can be used for tons of things. I love watching customers sort through the stacks and find words that resonate with them.




Breathe, Be Alive

20130305-064926.jpg It is an early morning start today. On the presentation line-up, are Barbara Barry, which you know will be amazing. She is speaking about beauty, which is a perfect tie-in to her new book. Then the talented Editor Newell Turner from House Beautiful will present later in the day. I can hardly wait!

I snapped this photo of a vintage flashcard that we had framed and is for sale at Watson Kennedy. The sentiment always a good reminder. Especially when we get busy. I also thought the image was funny because you can see my shadow holding the iPhone. I had a customer in recently that said there was no way all the photos from the blog come from my phone. Indeed, they all do. I love that this little device can do so many amazing tasks. Happy Tuesday!



Personalized Flashcards

20121231-081620.jpg The restful days have allowed me to catch up a bit on my note writing. Artisan Michelle Cooke of Brookline Street Studio created these fun vintage inspired flashcard note cards for us, adding an extra special touch to my notes this week. We carry her lovely things at Watson Kennedy, and when she told me she could personalize things for us, I was over the moon. A house name, your name, a favorite word–you name it, she can do it for us. There is just something about having cards at the ready that makes note and letter writing so much easier, which makes it so much more doable. Cheers to handwritten notes!

A very Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you. Have a great day & a festive night wherever you are around the globe. TKW



A Seat at the Table

20120307-071830.jpg It really just takes one small thing to trigger a design concept for me. In the case of this latest table re-do, it was a set of cool, vintage, oblong plates that we recently acquired. As I was unpacking them, my mind raced with ideas of disparate things that I would collect from the shop shelves to create a collective, cohesive, fresh table.

20120307-072447.jpg Right off, I thought the raised cloche would work well in the center of the table, with a brown toned spool of vintage string & vintage clock keys under the dome. The table would have a vintage vibe to it.

20120307-072754.jpg The decanters with vintage door knob stoppers would continue the theme, and give some nice height.

20120307-072909.jpg Here are those plates that started the whole process.

20120307-073118.jpg Horn napkin rings and horn bowls set about would give an earthiness to the table.

20120307-073240.jpg The vintage flashcards adding a graphic that I always like.

20120307-073348.jpg With a John Derian platter continuing the font idea.

20120307-073501.jpg And my new favorite, Grove 45 EVOO had to find a spot in the mix.

20120307-073555.jpg As well as the new Alain Ducasse book we just got in.

20120307-073701.jpg Dinner for 4 is served!



Happy Dog

20120125-063904.jpg Our dog section continues to grow. I am just finding so much fun stuff to add to it. We found some apropos vintage flashcards that made a whimsical piece of art, staying with our ‘art’ theme of the last few days.

20120125-064404.jpg The Denise Fiedler pieces of dogs are always a hit, as well as our variety of pooch themed reading material.

20120125-064621.jpg We just got these in yesterday. The perfect water and food bowls!

20120125-064731.jpg The Hugo Guinness dog images are charming too.

20120125-064855.jpg Such a face, and what incredible eyes.

20120125-064954.jpg And our selection of Harry Barker goods is sure to delight.



Educational Flash Cards

20111019-043256.jpg The last few years I have found oodles of vintage educational flash cards that we have sold in the shops. Folks buy them for a slew of things like art projects or to use as a greeting card.

20111019-043602.jpg We started framing them, as they are a fun, whimsical piece of ephemera art to hang in random places in your home.

20111019-043750.jpg Every once in awhile, I find a jumbo card. These I love for the varying font size.

20111019-043958.jpg This one would look great propped up in a bookshelf in a kitchen or dining area.

20111019-044213.jpg Words to live by.