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Hawthorne in October

20141019-111303.jpg We timed it pretty perfectly. This trip, which we did at exactly the same time last year, has so much to do with seeing the Fall colors. The drive up when we first arrived on the 9th, the colors were lovely but not quite there yet. Each day we would see them develop and turn. Like watching a natural dance. The trees that cocoon the house were still full of leaves. Today, they are beginning to be bare. Watching the wind blow them off is just poetic. It is such a special time to be here. We head back to Seattle tomorrow, rested and ready tackle the upcoming busy holiday season.

20141019-111949.jpg Bit by bit, we add a few things each stay and the house feels more and more like a home. Here are a few shots that I took this week of our now beloved Hawthorne.









{BOOK SIGNING} Classic Country on Warren Street in Hudson

20141012-072808.jpg I will be signing books at the stylish shop, Classic Country, today from 1:30 to 3:30. Located at 431 Warren Street in Hudson, New York, this is the newly opened second location for owner Meg Stratton. Her much praised other shop on Route 9 in East Chatham is not to be missed. She has found the perfect spot among the historic buildings that make up the incredibly special Warren Street. If you are in the area on this stunning Autumn day, please stop in. I would love to see you.

Happy Sunday to you all in your part of the world!
From Hawthorne,



Friday Night Soup and A Makeshift Table

20141011-080355.jpg This post is really a lesson in making do and using what you have. It forces creativity and often times things will work out just great and be to your liking. Such was the case last evening. Right out of the gate, we had family come for a quick overnight visit. We always keep stock we make in the freezer, so soup it would be. That was the easy part. But how do we seat 9 comfortably? We are still getting to know the house, and the rooms, how they flow, and how to use what we have to make it all work. We recently acquired 2 nifty galvanized topped long tables that will be perfect on the back porch for meals as well as lugged up into the field for picnics. But I never envisioned using them together in our dining room. The space would not allow for them to butt up to one another to make a long banquet table I am so fond of. But set side by side (Mister Sive’s idea) with a tablecloth covering the seam where they meet (my idea) and we were off and running. Teamwork was what this one was all about. Light a bunch of candles, cut a few of the still lovely hydrangea from the bushes, set the green squash just bought at the market in the middle of it all and off we go. It was such a lovely evening of stories & laughter with family all around our makeshift dining table.





Hudson Featured in The New York Times

20140117-071532.jpg Our beloved Hudson, New York was the major design focus yesterday in the ‘Home’ section of The New York Times. What a fab article. It is available online if you did not get a chance to read it. We have been going to Hudson for 20+ years, and it has been fascinating to watch it change and grow. When we found Hawthorne and knew it was the next big town over from Ghent, it really sealed the deal. If you have not been, put it on your list. Hudson is a great day trip from the city. It is a glorious journey by train up the Hudson River, the 2 hours just fly by as the scenery is so spectacular. The main attraction is Warren Street. Block after block of antique shops & restaurants–one of the finest and most eclectic we have ever encountered. Most housed in 150 year old buildings. You kind of feel like you are walking on a set of a Scorsese film. But you are not. This is the real deal. Oh my gosh, I could go on and on of our love for Hudson. Do check it out if you ever get the chance.




When All Else Fails…

20140114-084855.jpg Stick a silver headed pushpin in it. Such was the case this week-end with this hand-tinted vintage artwork of the Hudson River we found in a old frame we used for another project. We loved the crusty quality of it peeling off the board, so I just took one of our trusty utilitarian silver headed pushpins from the shops and viola, it was hung. Next followed a simple John Derian postcard underneath that tied it all together. Really the lesson here is if you find something you really like, hang it up. I think so often we wait to have things framed perfectly and then it just sits in a box or corner. Artwork can sometimes be taken too seriously. Prop it up, pin it up, whatever it takes to start enjoying it–if you have it, use it. The loo at WestWard has never looked spiffier. Simple. Done. Enjoy. A new trio of words I am quite liking together as the new year begins…



Nutella and Apples

20131017-075912.jpg Driving around vintage shopping and taking in all the Fall colors you get hungry. At least I do. There are apple stands with regularity on our treks, and it is so cool to see all the varieties they are selling at this bountiful time of year. One of my favorite snack combinations is Nutella spread onto apple slices. This is also a quick dessert we sometimes offer after a week-night meal with guests in Autumn. A big platter of apple slices with a jar of Nutella set in the middle is really such a warming sight. A little Wikipedia search and I learned that it was first made in Italy by the Ferrero company beginning in 1964. The hazelnut chocolate spread has been a hit since it was first introduced.

A lovely Wednesday to you all in your part of the world.
From upstate New York, TKW