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Valentine Treats and Sweets

On this holiday of LOVE, we have you covered. Be it a treat or a sweet, we will spiffily wrap it up for you, and as the saying goes, make you come out smelling like a rose in the gift giving department. Just a reminder, our Valentine Open House is today at both shops, from 10 to 6. It will be a flurry of pink & red tissue as we wrap the day away. Bubbly and sparkling cider will be served. We are also ship, ship, shipping away so check out the Watson Kennedy website for any last minute Valentine’s Day treats and we will happily ship them out for you.



Continued Green Love

I try and celebrate a little green love each and every day, as we are all surrounded by it in so many different shades in so many different ways. I know we tend to bask in the green glow when we are at Hawthorne, but the passion for green is a constant. Summer tends to be a time the hue is ever vibrant, looking quite swell next to blue and pink too. Here are a few ways & things that caught my green fancy.



A Preppy Pink & Green Table

My preppy heart always swoons a little when pink & green collide. There is just a happy freshness to the combo. So when we got our hands, finally, on those dreamy pink peony last week at Hawthorne, I could not wait to set the table. Single stems dotting the setting, with a hefty Juliska vase holding a big grouping on one end, and the ferns anchoring the other. Having guests to meals is one of our great joys. To be able to break bread with family and friends, I can hardly think of better times. 



Pink & Green Flower Friday

I had hoped, hoped, hoped the post today would be the peony from in front of the house. But those buds are just on the brink of opening, probably just as we depart on Monday. So I thought I would bring you the next best thing. Glorious blooms from my new source here that I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have found. Caretaker Bill told us about a grower he had heard of and gave me their address. My grocery store hunting had me coming up dry in the peony department, so we were off to locate this possible new flower supplier. Well, let me just say, that was a few days ago and I am still smiling. I was surrounded by so many blooms I had thought I went to flower heaven! Could not wait to share these peony with you all today.



How ‘Bout Them Apples



20150125-091821.jpg A little Sunday beauty for you. Yesterday morning at the Market, a vendor had just the most picturesque bushels of apples. The light was hitting them perfectly, bringing out the amazing variations of color. Nature’s magic.

We fly out early tomorrow to snowy & quite cold New York. Super excited for a Winter respite at Hawthorne.
A restful Sunday to you all,