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Wednesday Food at The New York Times

20160309-080143.jpg This Wine & Dine Wednesday is not about a particular place to dine or about a stellar bottle of wine. It is about one of the reasons I jump out of bed on Wednesday morning with excitement and run to open the front door and quickly dive into our copy of The New York Times. I leaf through all the sections to find the one that makes my heart go pitter patter, Food. The very best of recipes, new foods out in the market (many of which have found their way on to the Watson Kennedy shelves), restaurant reviews, wine reviews, interviews with chefs, cookbook mentions–my head is generally spinning with happiness as there is just so much good stuff covered each week. If reading about food inspires you, then check it out. A great way to start the middle of the week!



Wine With Food

20141126-031701.jpg We just unpacked Wine With Food: Pairing Notes and Recipes from The New York Times and it was hard for me to put it down yesterday. This Wine Wednesday post leans toward a book with recipes and wine pairings over a certain type of wine. Thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.

From the Rizzoli description of the book. “100 wines paired with more than 100 dishes, from two of the most respected experts in the business. Pairing wine and food can bring out the best qualities in each. But how do you hit upon the right combination? And is there just one? Do you fall back on the old rules or decide by cuisine or season? The choices can be perplexing, and fashions are constantly changing. Eric Asimov and Florence Fabricant have spent much of their careers enjoying this most delicious dilemma and now give readers the tools they need to play the game of wine and food to their own tastes.”

Pairing wine with food and pairing food with wine brings out the best of both. This book highlights the concept in an approachable way, for both the novice and much more advanced.

Happy Wednesday all! Hope your Thanksgiving plans are shaping up and that you make it to your final destination safe & sound–whether that be by plane or just the journey to your own dining table.



Sunday Reading

20140420-072709.jpg There are so many ways to stay current and up on all the happening topics. With the myriad of mobile devices now at our disposal, as well as around the clock news stations–it can at times be a tad overwhelming. While I certainly catch bits & pieces of news that way, being the tactile sort, I still really love sitting in my favorite chair reading the newspaper or just out magazine while enjoying my iced coffee. It makes reading some of those intense stories much more palatable. The sound the newspaper makes when you turn the page, or the feel of the weight of the magazine as you hold it, the comfort and familiarity of my environment, all turn reading into a bit of a ritual that becomes a positive experience. If you have to face the news, doing so in comfort makes so much of it easier to swallow.

If you celebrate Easter, then a “Happy Easter!” to you. If not, may you have a lovely Sunday ahead of you.
From potentially sunny Seattle,



Hudson Featured in The New York Times

20140117-071532.jpg Our beloved Hudson, New York was the major design focus yesterday in the ‘Home’ section of The New York Times. What a fab article. It is available online if you did not get a chance to read it. We have been going to Hudson for 20+ years, and it has been fascinating to watch it change and grow. When we found Hawthorne and knew it was the next big town over from Ghent, it really sealed the deal. If you have not been, put it on your list. Hudson is a great day trip from the city. It is a glorious journey by train up the Hudson River, the 2 hours just fly by as the scenery is so spectacular. The main attraction is Warren Street. Block after block of antique shops & restaurants–one of the finest and most eclectic we have ever encountered. Most housed in 150 year old buildings. You kind of feel like you are walking on a set of a Scorsese film. But you are not. This is the real deal. Oh my gosh, I could go on and on of our love for Hudson. Do check it out if you ever get the chance.




WK in The New York Times T Magazine Daily Gift Pick

20131219-062702.jpg You might have picked up on from earlier posts what a fan I am of the T Magazine that is put out by The New York Times. So you can imagine my glee when they contacted me for one of our shop items to be included in their daily pick of Holiday gift ideas. Every day until Christmas, the editors of T share their personal gift suggestions. Chosen by European editor Rita Konig, who is a fan of our Starr wall-mounted bottle opener. For $20, it is such a usable utilitarian cool gift. Click here for the link and Rita’s always well-chosen words and ideas. An American classic since 1925, they really are such a fun addition to a kitchen or bar. This actually ran the other day and the reception was huge and we sold out right away. We were able to restock quickly, so our shelves are now full again with this swell opener/gift/object.




The Power of Simplicity

20131104-042813.jpg sim·plic·i·ty
1. the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do “for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate on one theory”
synonyms: clarity, clearness, plainness, simpleness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, understandability, accessibility, straightforwardness

I was quite struck by the cover and contents of the T Magazine yesterday in the Sunday New York Times. I think ‘simplicity’ is such a beautiful word, with an equally beautiful meaning. Clarity, clearness. To me it means distilling something down to its very essence or purest form. More on this word and why it resonates with me in the coming weeks…

If you don’t get the Sunday Times, certainly look for it the weeks T, the style magazine is included. They are so good I save them. Under the editorship of Deborah Needleman, who many of you might remember from Domino, the magazine has flourished. “Style that lasts is the style that counts” are her wise words from this latest issue.



A Sunday Thought

20131006-085245.jpg A bucket list mistakes the destination for the experience, and values the end over the means. Life happens in the means.
–Deborah Needleman
In T, The New York Times Style Magazine today



The New York Times Style Magazine T LOVE

20130220-084300.jpg The newly redesigned T magazine arrived this Sunday in The New York Times, and the wait was so very worth it. With Deborah Needleman at the helm, I knew it would be in good hands. The cover story about Lee Radziwill as told through man-about-the-world & designer Nicky Haslam was insightful on many levels. The photos of her Paris apartment were stunning. A lovely feature of the London home of interior designer Rose Uniacke by my pal Rita Konig was incredibly pleasing with all the amazing shots of the grand home, but also in the way Rita captures a visual story through words. A ‘Take Two’ with Chelsea Handler and Oscar de la Renta where each reviews the same item was witty indeed. The magazine was filled with page after page of visual interest. I can hardly wait for the next issue. That, in my mind, makes for a real winner. A new stack of magazines to save has begun… The magazine fitting right in on our coffee table among one of the ‘T’s from our collection.



The Essential New York Times Cookbook

20130118-081920.jpg Classic recipes for a new century is the tag line of this phenomenal cookbook compiled by Amanda Hesser from noteworthy recipes dating back to the 1850’s to current day that have been featured in the paper. As she states in her introduction, that it is a 150-year flip book of American cooking. This book excites me to no end. With over 1400 recipes and 931 pages, this cookbook is destined to become a classic. It is not an update of the best seller by Craig Claiborne, which covered a decade span of food coverage when he was at the paper. Hesser’s version works from a much wider scope. The 2 books working great side by side in any well-stocked cooking library. The dandy red cover making this edition a stand-out in the visual department. We have a nice stack that arrived just the other day that has found a temporary home on the front table at the Home store.



Savoring the Moment

20121202-102808.jpg A life well lived really is about savoring the small moments. It has been an incredibly fun, super busy week at the shops. I came home last night, fed Bailey, had a simple dinner, then fell dead asleep on the bed at 7, only to wake this morning at 9. TPS has been out of town this week interviewing contractors for our home in New York. It was a trip we were supposed to take together the week the hurricane hit. Me being away at this busy time was just not in the cards. More on his trip later. After I took Bailey out for her walk and then her breakfast, I decided I wanted to sit at the dining table and have a civilized breakfast, solo. I wanted to honor the meal and the quiet time of a Sunday morning. I turned on the Classical music, lit the candles, made myself breakfast, and had a leisurely breakfast reading The New York Times. So often, I think we put huge emphasis on the big moments, and let the small ones slip by without notice–to be still, soak it all in, and savor each moment.