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Bits & Pieces

20140207-081726.jpg We are awaiting the arrival of a large crate of things we had shipped from Seattle to Ghent. Was to have arrived Wednesday, then Thursday, now today. The snow has played a bit of a trick on deliveries. Fingers crossed. We are both so excited to have some of our existing ‘things’ here, and really feel like it will be the big layer that starts making our farmhouse into our home away from home. I/we find such comfort in our books, artwork and various other pieces that having them at Hawthorne will really make this whole experience even more real. We still sometimes feel like we are in a bit of a dream, as this is something we thought about/dreamed about/worked towards, for more than 20+ years. I thought I would share some of the things we brought with us on the plane, had shipped here directly, or have found on this visit. The above L.L. Bean bag is always stuffed with stuff on each plane ride. Things we bring with us and then things we find for the shops that fly back to Seattle with us. I sometimes call myself a professional schlepper.

20140207-082913.jpg We spotted this hay trolley at a shop in Hudson in October. Such a cool sculptural industrial piece. TPS had Bill pick it up for us and it was here waiting as a surprise.

20140207-083147.jpg The ficus trees and the vintage ginger jar lamps I wrote about last week but wanted to include again, as they have been so thoroughly enjoyed on the sun porch this trip.

20140207-083334.jpg We bought these Hermes hand towels on a trip to France and were waiting for just the right time/spot for them. The only non-green centric room is the guest bathroom that has white small tiles on the floor with blue round tiles set about. These finally found a home.


20140207-083744.jpg Bailey has rarely found a rug she does not like to nap on. One Kings Lane has been an amazing source for finding rugs for Hawthorne. We have scattered them here and there for pops of color & pattern, while also creating warm underfoot.

20140207-084026.jpg I bring a different shade of green Glassybaby each trip. I like the idea of adding to the collection each visit. A little Seattle at Hawthorne!

20140207-084232.jpg We have found some really handsome vintage mirrors. This one is going to live in the living room. We think.

20140207-084408.jpg A happy accident. I bought this from One Kings Lane. A larger size was sent. Bailey took right to it. All snuggled up with her Lamb Chop toy that was a gift from Auntie Pam. This bed ends up working perfectly in the guest room for when guests bring their pooch. Our friend Cara visited last week and Stella settled right into the bed.

20140207-084837.jpg Having the hardest time finding the ‘just right’ side tables for each twin bed in the guest room. These green French chairs from One Kings Lane will have to do for the moment.


20140207-085159.jpg The top English, the bottom French plates were scored while shopping with our friends Camilla & Peg, who came for a visit from Seattle, at shops in Hudson last Saturday.

20140207-085440.jpg The egg tray, which we sell a very similar one at Watson Kennedy, I picked up on that same Hudson shopping excursion. We do our darndest to support the local shops we enjoy. At this early hour and without my coffee kicking in, I am completely spacing the name of this fab kitchen shop. I will write about it on another visit for sure.

20140207-085842.jpg Our friend Cara brought many special gifts, but this 100 year old chair from her cabin in Southold where we have spent so many memorable days, is a lovely reminder of those times. At some point we will have the seat worked on, but we think it is kind of dreamy, and old, and crusty, and perfect just the way it is. Kind of like our memories of the cabin on Peconic Bay that we hold so dear.

20140207-090330.jpg All the above helping to fill up our 1920 farmhouse with things we love and make each time here memorable.



A Little Town & Country Love

20131212-071830.jpg We are in full swing Holiday gift wrapping mode at the shops, and by the end of the day I am completely beat. Last evening the above was waiting for me when I first arrived home. A new issue of Town & Country always makes me quite happy. After a quick shower I poured myself a Hendrick’s over ice, and settled into my favorite leather club chair for a few minutes of visual eye candy before dinner. I have been subscribing to this magazine for decades. The mix of design, food, people, books, art, travel–is what I like so much about it. This is also the time of year many magazines offer two for the price of one subscriptions. Something I always take advantage of for a fun gift for a friend or two for Christmas. So if you are still in need of a quick gift, this is a very easy, stylish one to give. I also follow Town & Country on Instagram, and they posted this amazing quote last eve, so I thought I would share it with you. It is a really good one. May your day be filled with a bit of wonder…




A Twist on a Blue & White Table

20120814-053854.jpg Setting a table can really start with just one small idea, and then it blossoms from there. A bird house was the element that started this table rolling. I was a bit under the weather this week-end, so TPS made a solo run to the Vashon Saturday Farmers Market, where he found amazing produce as well as a dandy little bird house made by an island artisan. The minute he brought it in and set it down, I knew it would be the starting point to the table.

20120814-054506.jpg Then I start layering and adding. The little nest that sits on our bookshelf propped up by a vintage white piece of pottery would continue the bird theme.

20120814-054647.jpg I also love the color combination of blue and brown together. There is an earthiness and a freshness to the combination that I really like. More of that combo would get added to the mix.



20120814-054943.jpg Simple creamy white English plates and bowls would do the trick, as would Summery white lilies staggered in clear drinking glasses. I generally like to add at least one vintage item to a table, just because. The English shaving mirror that was a gift would be it. Having things on the table that guests can ask about and enjoy visually makes the table part of the conversation.

20120814-055759.jpg With the table set and the wine poured, it was time to relax and enjoy our company. Our stylish friend Rise’ looking swell in her lovely Hermes scarf and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses at the ready.

20120814-060027.jpg It was an afternoon of laughter, good food, watching the boats sail by, and enjoying all the goodness of Summer.



Hermes Box as Art

20111008-064509.jpg Receiving a gift in an orange Hermes box is always a special thing. The French company is known for superb quality & unparalleled craftsmanship. Not only are the goods they produce lovely, but the box they come in is equally impressive. That is one seriously well crafted container. Over the years my collection has grown, and where to put some of the boxes has become an issue, as parting with these gems was never in question. The new office space has a very long wall behind the desk that I have started to fill with ephemera and artwork. Then it occurred to me, why not hang some of the boxes? The result has been fun and whimsical. The famous orange playing well off the vibrant, sunny yellow.




Hermes Love

The number one question I am asked by clients is “how do you know when something is right for your home?” and my response almost always is “you must love it, and if you do, most times, you will find a spot for it in your home.”

The above photo is of the Avalon blanket by Hermes that is perched atop the chaise in our living room. I have long seen photos of the Avalon gracing the pages of stylish homes, but I was never quite sure of the colors I saw, and was not quite sure they would work in the room. I patiently waited, and the “just right” color way was introduced. It is truly an item I love, and it was so very worth the wait.