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Paperwhites, Hyacinth Bulbs, Hydrangea and Carnations

Flower Friday is our flower laden supper table last night. We made our way back to Hawthorne and are determined to find joy in all the little things. While still in a haze, you all know how happy it makes me to set a fun table. While thoughts and stories about my mom are ever present, we are determined to savor the last of our Twelve Days of Christmas celebrations. So the house was filled with the scent of garlic and saffron last night. Geranium leaf placemats from the shop have been a fun addition. Then it was about layering all sorts of grocery store flower finds along with pots of paperwhites caretaker Bill picked up for us before we arrived on Christmas Day. The blooms starting to open, releasing their heavenly scent. Then lighting some taper candles and the table was set.



Paperwhites & Amaryllis

Flower Friday brings us the amaryllis that has just started to open and dancing paperwhites with their gloriously heading scent filling up the apartment. Cheers to a lovely week-end before Christmas!



Happy {Flower Friday}

‘Tis the season for all sorts of lovelies showing up at grocery store flower sections as well as nursery & garden centers–amaryllis, paperwhites, topiaries, tulips. This Flower Friday brings you an assortment of them on the dining table in town, along with a hydrangea bloom that has dried so beautifully it still looks like it was just plucked off of a bush. We have opted to not have a tree at the apartment as we will have one at Hawthorne when we arrive there Christmas Day. The potted plants and blooms will bring the festive-ness of the season, along with tons of candlelight. Have a grand week-end everyone!



The Year in Flowers

This last Flower Friday of the year is a look back on the last twelve months of blooms. Whether a single stem or a large mass, the beauty of flowers for the soul is like air or water to me, as I know they are to many of you, necessary on many levels. Here are some of my favorites I think you might remember, and for certain know you will enjoy…



A Table for Take-Out

To me a supper of take-out deserves equal respect to a home cooked meal when it comes to setting the table. During these busy times, ordering out can be a lifesaver. Case in point, last eve, we had a hankering for barbecue. Our table for two using the English Wedgwood plates from Mister Sive’s Hamilton College days got things rolling, as well as the new Libeco Belgian linen dish towels we stock at WK that I like to roll up and use as napkins. We were off and running! A few pomanders I like to make in honor of the season, paperwhites in a pot as well as being forced in a glass compote, a happy potted fern, lilies in full bloom, the myrtle topiary in an old silver trophy–and a cozy table was set, ready to honor the meal.



The Paperwhite Dance

It is a foggy Seattle morning outside, but the kitchen inside is feeling pretty sunny with the paperwhites doing their dance. I look forward to these blooms/moment all year which fill me with such glee. Happy Flower Friday everyone!



Moments in Time

When reflecting on the tip from yesterday and trying to stay in the zen of the moment, my mind went straight to flowers and candles–two of my great loves. I think what draws me to both is they help me to slow down a bit, be present. Looking at a bloom or lighting a candle becomes a moment in time.

In the hustle & bustle of the day on Sunday, with customers swirling about, I lit a candle in a shop display. The moment so clear in my brain that time seemed to stand still for that second. The lily in the hallway at The Gainsborough and the paperwhites in the kitchen blooming catch my eye as I walk by, giving me a second of pause. To remember that time, that feeling, that pleasure.



Amaryllis, Myrtle Topiaries, Paperwhites & Tulips

Flower Friday brings us all sorts of blooms. The first day of December has us feeling all flower-y in town. We head to Hawthorne on Christmas morning this year, where a tree will await, so we opted to not have one in Seattle this year. Instead, flowers will be the hit of Holiday in the city for us, and we are A’ok with that, as it is so much fun to have all these different blooms await us each day. The big bundle of red tulips ushering us into the season.

The shops this time of year are bursting at the seams, in a very good way, but we still try our best to tuck a bit of flower goodness here & there. The below amaryllis opening up for us the other day, greeting customers as they head to the back counter to get their gifts all wrapped up. Cheers to the flowers of December!