Paperwhite Happiness

December 29, 2023

Flower Friday all about a garden pot full of blooming paperwhite bulbs in the living room that is creating all sorts of happiness. I like to call it paperwhite happiness! From my beloved Cedar Farm who always takes such good care of us this time of year with pot after pot of flowering goodness. We have them dotted all around the house. But this one is the star. As if on cue when family arrived the other eve for our annual ‘Day After Boxing Day’ supper, the flowers opened up ever so gorgeously. I pulled from our big collection of Veuve corks (which is housed in the coffee table which was an old pigeon coop) to use in place of moss or some other filler to cover the dirt. Actually I really don’t mind seeing a bit of the dirt as you also get to see the top of the bulb which I think is so beautiful, but the Champagne corks just seemed festive for this time of year. Which leads me to, happy almost New Year! Hope your weekend is lovely celebrating it as you see fit. From Hawthorne, T2