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Happy Bulbs

Flower Friday is a shout-out for all of us paperwhite narcissus fans to start planting up our bulbs to enjoy this season. The above photo from last year in our green filled kitchen in the city shortly after they started to bloom. Some years we get up to three rounds of bulbs to bloom and enjoy the paperwhites into February if I start planting them now. My personal favorite is having them in glass containers so you can see the magical dance the roots perform for you. We have an old friend who stayed with us last eve from San Francisco. Part of the dinner conversation was about how vital it is during these times of so much tumult to surround ourselves with beauty. To revel in it. To see it in the small things and to have it bring us big joy. Cheers to that!



Paperwhites, Two Ways

As promised, the big container in the kitchen full of paperwhite narcissus bulbs in full bloom.  They grew so tall this year that I ended up moving them to the dining table earlier this week so they could really spread out and do their dance.  I snapped the below image on Tuesday and they have even grown more and more, equalling major Flower Friday happiness as we move into the Holiday week-end.  



The First Bloom

These have been such a joy to watch grow in the last few weeks.  The roots doing their dance among the scattered Champagne corks.  The first bloom releasing that sweet scent so distinctive to the paperwhite narcissus, I could smell it the minute I opened the front door the other day.  Next Flower Friday I will post an image with the container a riot of blooms–right on cue to usher in Christmas…



Paperwhite Narcissus Flower Friday

This image from a few years ago as our bulbs are just getting started.  This Flower Friday all about the beauty of paperwhite narcissus blooms, a sort of quintessential Holiday scent, which I truly adore. The aroma wafting over me as the elevator door opens when we come home after a hopping day at the shops. Plant a few or many about your home for an instant hit of the season.  

Speaking of the season, just a reminder our first Holiday Open House is tomorrow at the Fine Home shop.  I do hope you can make it.  Lots of fun stuff planned!



Ted’s Tip No. 51

20151215-061106.jpg This time of year forcing paperwhite narcissus bulbs is such a glorious thing. Often they grow quite tall and keeping them from falling over can be a challenge. Try planting them in a tall clear glass vessel. That way the stems are supported when they grow, helping them tremendously to stay upright. If the container is clear, you get the extra added bonus of seeing all the roots take hold, creating a really cool visual that can be as pretty as the blooms.



Paperwhite Narcissus Several Ways

20141217-042446.jpg No matter how you have them surrounding you, the heady scent of paperwhite narcissus is a nod to the joyous season that is here. Whether in candle form or pots filled with bulbs where they do their fabulous poetic dance, they speak to this time of year. They also makes the sweetest gifts to ring in the new year.




Potted Paperwhites

20141111-044531.jpg This is really when I know the season is starting to kick in. The pots of paperwhite narcissus I bought last week for both shops and The Gainsborough are just about ready to burst. I am always amazed at how quickly they grow. They seem to grow right before your very eyes. This year, pots of them were my initial way to enjoy their beauty. Next up, big bowls forced just from the bulb without earth surrounding them. So many ways to enjoy the sweet paperwhite as November progresses.




Paperwhite Narcissus as Marker

20131118-064618.jpg We can have the shops decked out in holiday finery for weeks, but it not until I get my hands on potted paperwhite narcissus plants and scatter them about and work them into displays do I really feel the ‘Holidays’ with a capital H are here. They are a happy marker of the season to me.

20131118-065019.jpg The shipment of vintage Champagne buckets was perfectly timed, as the plastic pots slipped every so easily right into the buckets making them easy to work into displays.

20131118-065215.jpg I find paperwhite narcissus in a variety of ways. This time, I found them in plastic pots already starting to bloom. This is a great way to get a quick it right out of the gate. Within a day, the flowers started to open and scent the shops with their heady, oh so distinctive scent. Which I adore.

20131118-065539.jpg I also find them in terra cotta pots in dirt already planted. You might remember a window display we did many months ago where we used 100+ terra cotta pots? They were leftover and saved from the many years of paperwhite holiday displays. These tend to be a bit smaller in scale, and are easy to tuck into tight displays.

20131118-070057.jpg And then of course, I just buy the bulbs and start them in glass containers too. This might be my favorite way of buying paperwhite narcissus, but this is also the most amount of work–but oh so worth it. I like to use Champagne corks, oyster shells or rocks to weigh down the bulbs and create a cool visual bed. The glass container allowing all to watch the amazing roots start to take hold and create a dance among each other, the roots intertwining. There are many ways to enjoy these flowers, and I will do all the above in all the forms from now until the first few weeks of the new year, loving every moment of them.

Happy Monday all!



The Beauty of Paperwhite Narcissus

20121224-063427.jpg The bulbs that began as wee little things less than a month ago have grown into spectacular beauties. The fragrance filling our kitchen–really the perfect thing to wake up to during this busy time.

20121224-063758.jpg Here they were at the beginning of December. Just waiting to grow.

20121224-063908.jpg This year I decided to use champagne corks as a base and filler. They really will grow in just about anything. Other years I have used oyster shells, cool stones, and vintage marbles. Really one of my favorite parts of the growing process is watching the roots take hold and grow around the filler. I think they look so fabulous wrapped around the champagne corks. Poetic really.

20121224-064254.jpg And then the sweet white blooms just explode, releasing the unmistakable paperwhite scent.



And Watch the Growing Begin

20121204-063457.jpg The platter of paperwhite narcissus bulbs from last week have all found their way to containers. These bulbs really are such hearty things. They will grow in just about anything, and the growing process is really such a cool thing to witness. This year I decided to use champagne corks as the filler around the bulbs. Champagne holds a very special place in my heart, as well as our home, so at this festive time of year it seemed fitting. Truly, many objects will do–oysters shells, rocks, marbles. I also try and place the bulbs in glass containers that have fairly high sides, as this helps keep the leggy stems from toppling over when they start to get quite tall. One of my favorite parts is watching the roots take off, and start to swirl and intertwine around the base of the container. Keep the water level just to the base of the bulb, and the paperwhites will just grow & grow, the intoxicating scent filling the air once the bulbs have flowered.