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Paperwhites & Amaryllis

Flower Friday brings us the amaryllis that has just started to open and dancing paperwhites with their gloriously heading scent filling up the apartment. Cheers to a lovely week-end before Christmas!



Happy {Flower Friday}

‘Tis the season for all sorts of lovelies showing up at grocery store flower sections as well as nursery & garden centers–amaryllis, paperwhites, topiaries, tulips. This Flower Friday brings you an assortment of them on the dining table in town, along with a hydrangea bloom that has dried so beautifully it still looks like it was just plucked off of a bush. We have opted to not have a tree at the apartment as we will have one at Hawthorne when we arrive there Christmas Day. The potted plants and blooms will bring the festive-ness of the season, along with tons of candlelight. Have a grand week-end everyone!



Amaryllis Love

Flower Friday brings us this stunning Amaryllis La Paz. It is always such a treat to sort through the bin at City People’s deciding which bulbs get to come back to the shop to delight us for the season. This one is so delicate and has a sort of orchid vibe to it. I have enjoyed a potted version before, but had never tried forcing a bulb in this variety. It opened the other day to all our delight. The whole process of watching it grow over this last month is truly a gift. Of course I am as enamored with the roots too–so beautiful they are swirling around in the water. Cheers to amaryllis in all forms & stages!



Amaryllis, Myrtle Topiaries, Paperwhites & Tulips

Flower Friday brings us all sorts of blooms. The first day of December has us feeling all flower-y in town. We head to Hawthorne on Christmas morning this year, where a tree will await, so we opted to not have one in Seattle this year. Instead, flowers will be the hit of Holiday in the city for us, and we are A’ok with that, as it is so much fun to have all these different blooms await us each day. The big bundle of red tulips ushering us into the season.

The shops this time of year are bursting at the seams, in a very good way, but we still try our best to tuck a bit of flower goodness here & there. The below amaryllis opening up for us the other day, greeting customers as they head to the back counter to get their gifts all wrapped up. Cheers to the flowers of December!



A Candy Cane Striped Amaryllis

When I first spotted this amaryllis, it had not yet bloomed, but the image on the tag had the flowers reminding me of a striped candy cane.  I thought it was perfect for the season and for Flower Friday.  When it did bloom, I could not have been happier. Hope your day is grand!



Amaryllis Love

20151212-061732.jpg I had mentioned the other day that each of the shop big windows had an amaryllis in the display of goods. Flowers and plants add such a lively touch amongst the assortment of shop things. I had found these cool faux bois planters in New York and thought they would be perfect to house the paperwhites and amaryllis this season. The above popped open with festive glee yesterday and I just had to share. Watching an amaryllis from early stalk to full bloom is really quite something. The flowers on this beauty almost look like the red is painted on with water colors, each stroke visible. Ahhhhhhh.



Perfect Timing

20141224-075007.jpg And just like that, overnight, we awoke to this beautiful sight. The kitchen just seems to be doing a happy dance too. All week long I walked by the table in the kitchen just hoping it would open in time for Christmas–the amaryllis doing a swan like dance for all of us to enjoy.

Both shops are open today at 10, so if you need any last minute gifts, we are here to help. Wrapped for you, as well. The First & Spring location will close at 5 and the Market shop will close at 6.

Happy, Happy Holidays to you,



Potted Amaryllis

20141115-061059.jpg Now is the time you will start seeing a profusion of potted amaryllis at flower shops, grocery stores, and other spots that sell flowers and garden supplies. They have some serious bang for the buck, as the process from stalk to bloom is a pretty magical process to witness–and once it does, man oh man, are they a sight to behold. Just find a receptacle of your liking to drop the plastic pot into. Here I put one in a vintage brass bucket that was a gift from our friend Peg and then scattered the top with pages from an old book to cover up the exposed dirt. If you can get your hands on one, enjoy the heck out of it. They are such extraordinarily beautiful flowers.

Just a reminder. Our first Holiday Open House of the season is today at our First & Spring shop in downtown Seattle from 10 to 6. If you are in the area, I so hope you can make it. As a special little treat if you are able to join in the festivities, mention to me in person today that you saw this on the blog post and I will have a little gift to give you. XX, Ted




A = Amaryllis

20131213-054430.jpg What happy flowers. While paperwhites so speak of the season, amaryllis do, as well. Not so much speak it, but shout it. The blooms just seem to sing out that the Holidays are in full swing. Actually, make that full bloom.


20131213-054900.jpg Whether in pots as a plant, or single stemmed in a vase, they just brighten up any space they inhabit. The blooms looking so interesting when they are tight and balled up. Then just exploding into the beauty that is the amaryllis.