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Cards, Cards, Cards

20150518-071631.jpg May in New York. Ahhhhhhh. Love finding myself in the city for a few days to attend the National Stationery Show–one of my very favorite times of the year to be here. Spring weather, with warm days and cool nights. The flowers are in bloom everywhere. And I get to look at cards and laugh and grin and guffaw and laugh some more. There are so many different types of creativity in the world. The creativity it takes to make a card is such a cool thing. Such lovely, funny, sweet, talented folks. I give you a few that stood out…







Field Study Eye Tests

20140226-065449.jpg I lived in London when I was in college for a bit, attending a study abroad program. I lived with the sweetest, wittiest, smartest family. That is where my love of British humor really began. They would have me buckled over in laughter at just life’s most simplest things–taking an ordinary task/story/moment and make it incredibly witty & funny. When these cards arrived recently, I just knew they had a British sense and sensibility. Created by Roderick Field, they combine simple black and white bold graphics with humor. A double winner in my book.






Let the Valentine Cards Begin

20130127-065043.jpg We re-do the front displays at both shops after the 15th of January, turning them into a lovefest of Valentine goodness. I like having the freshness of a new display, as well as giving Valentine’s Day its due. It just adds a happiness to the air. Reds, pinks–all the Valentine finery. And the cards. Oh my stars, we sell an incredible amount of Valentine cards in the next month. The baskets are overflowing with sweet cards–above is one of my all-time favorite. We actually carry this card year round, as it is not only applicable as a Valentine. Even though Christmas was just over a month ago, it is always fun to look forward to the next holiday.



Mr. & Mr. and Mrs. & Mrs. Congrats Cards at WK

20121208-072833.jpg I am actually a little teary as I compose this post, because I/we are still over the moon that our great state of Washington is now allowing same sex couples to be married. We are selling tons of the above cards and more are on the way. The past few days in our state have been record setting for marriage license applications. Congratulations to all!



Gotta Love a Cool Holiday Card

20121201-061906.jpg A happy December and start of the month to all of you. To many, it marks the time to begin writing and sending Holiday & Christmas cards. I have such fond memories of watching my Mother spread out all of her writing supplies and cards out onto the dining table and begin the process when I was a child. The amount of time, love and care she put into each card was such a formative thing to see. Cards and stationery have come a long way since then, as there are so many marvelous small companies and artisans who now produce beautiful product. We have a basket of single cello cards at each shop set up on the front table filled with such cards. It is so interesting to watch folks thoughtfully look through the basket and see what cards resonate with them. Makers like Smock, Natalie Eden, Rifle Paper Co., to name a few–who all create such memorable cards. Again, the amount of time, love and care they all put into making these cards will make any recipient of them feel quite special. There really is nothing quite like receiving a hand written card/note, is there?

A special shout-out to the fab group of blog readers who made a “special outing day” yesterday of coming to shop the First Avenue store. It was so lovely to meet all of you. Thank you for making my day.



Cards That Made Me Laugh

20120615-065021.jpg Cards have been arriving almost daily, that I ordered last month when I was in New York for the National Stationery Show. You can tell a new order arrived, as one can hearing chuckling and outright laughter as the boxes are being opened. I love humorous cards, but I still like them to have the look & feel of the stores. 2 companies that do this incredibly well are Bold Face Type and 9SpotMonk. The cards still are presented in a lovely, tasteful manner, but what is written is quite funny, smart and a tad naughty–a winning combination in my book. Here is a look at a few that fit the bill.








Cards of Love

20120212-102319.jpg Valentine cards just seem to get better & better each year. We have gotten in some pretty sweet designs–here are a few of my favorites.




On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, we will have our shop calligrapher, Kelli, on hand at the First & Spring location, from 10 to 2, to beautifully write messages on your cards. Just a fun, special touch, to an already lovely card.



Dempsey & Carroll Trunk Show

20111101-064250.jpg I am delighted to report that we will be hosting a special trunk show this coming Friday afternoon and all day Saturday at the First Avenue location. Dempsey & Carroll, stationery engravers since 1878, will be showing the wares that have made them famous for over the past hundred years. Beautiful personalized engraved stationery, holiday cards, calendars–all produced to order, with extreme attention to detail and quality.

It will be a chance to see and hear about the process of engraving, as well as place orders for this amazing stationery. They create glorious Holiday cards, too, which I am super excited to see. I hope you can join us.

We will be having a raffle for a box of Dempsey & Carroll stationery. Leave a comment on this post between now and Saturday afternoon, if you can’t join us in person, and we will enter your name in the raffle.

Happy beginning of November!



Vintage Portrait Cards

20111021-071636.jpg Just arrived are these cool vintage portrait cards that have been altered by Brooklyn artist, Sophie Blackall.

20111021-072103.jpg She embellished the cards with whimsical detail.

20111021-072341.jpg I have long admired her work in other venues, but the card designs I have always thought were incredibly clever.