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The Simplicity of a White Lily

20160519-090038.jpg Flower Friday is on Thursday this week, as my Pottery Barn shoot is scheduled to run tomorrow by the PB folks, and I will write about it then too. Plus I could not pass up on this lone beauty which is seeming to twirl and dance on my bedside table. The one flower I can always count on at the grocery store here are lilies. We bought a bunch last week that were all tight and closed up, so it has been a delight watching them unfold over the days. The scent perfuming the rooms they grace, single stems dotted here & there.



Single Stem Vase Lily Love

20151130-074831.jpg And just like that, we woke up to these. The night before they were all closed up ever so tightly, and overnight they burst into beautiful blooms, with the living room filled with their scent. The dance of the lilies. To be enjoyed as we begin our week. Just so good I had to share…



A Single Lily Stem

20140731-074732.jpg I thought I would wait until I am back home to write a post about the Las Vegas show I am currently attending. Wow, just wow, is what I will say for now.

So this glorious lily that was grown on Vashon Island I snapped as we were departing the other day, will be the post today. There is just something about a single lily stem that fills up an entire space it inhabits, both in scent and in presence. We were watching a movie the other evening and the scent just wafted over the room. In a simple Ball jar, but really any vase or bottle would do. You really get so see the beauty of the stem and the blooms with it being a single stem.