A Singular Exquisite Lily

July 28, 2023

Flower Friday about a single lily stem that was so beautiful it just had to be the star of the table last Sunday. I rarely if ever use scented blooms on a dining table when we eat for fear the scent will dominate or interact with the food. But if the table is outside, that changes the rules completely. This lily from Forest Garden Farm, our go-to flower source on the island had put a lily stem in our weekly bouquet we pick up on Saturday eve when we are first heading to the house to start our weekend. I pulled it out of the mix because I wanted to float the blooms in low bowls around the house so we could enjoy their scent & singular beauty in different rooms. The one just seemed perfect for the dining table. It was so beautifully opened for all to savor as we enjoyed our meal. Because it was outside, the sweet scent wafted about ever so slightly and was just right. Everyone have a lovely last weekend in July! X, T2