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New Traditions

We finished celebrating our 20th Holiday season at Watson Kennedy on Sunday eve. The above capture by a lovely customer in to do a bit of last minute gift shopping with her visiting mom from California. The minute Bailey heard the word ‘photo’ she was up off her blanket barking to be included in the shot. We hopped on a plane to New York early the next day, Christmas morning, to fly to New York and head to Hawthorne. We thought with the passing of the 20 year milestone a new tradition of coming to the Hudson Valley to celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas might be a fun treat. That is the thing about traditions, we make them our own. Or should. So it will be our take on celebrating the Holidays. Up first, family arriving shortly for Boxing Day supper. We carried with us, packed on ice, a big salmon to make for the meal. We always love the idea of a bit of Pacific Northwest along with us at Hawthorne. Caretaker Bill set up a green lit tree for us so it was the first thing we saw when we pulled into the long driveway after a full day of travel. I hope you have been having the loveliest Holiday in the manner you like to celebrate it best. Cheers to traditions, old and new!



Ted’s Tip No. 20

20141124-080920.jpg The tip this week is about the tradition of the repetition of giving the same gift each year or occasion. Say that sentence fast three times. Let me give an example. My friend Heather gives me a big bundle of orange tulips on my birthday each year. It is a tradition she started many years ago. I can’t begin to tell you the happiness I feel when I receive those tulips. My thought with this is it can translate to other gifts too. When you go to a certain friend’s home for dinner, always bring cocktail napkins or a jar of jam. You will start a collection for your friend, and they will think of you each time they use the napkins or spread jam on their morning toast. It will become a tradition in your friendship. I just always know on my birthday eve I will be looking at a magnificent assortment of orange tulips dotted about our home.