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A Table In Red

Under the watchful eye of Bailey, I set our final WestWard Sunday supper table of August, as we soon head to Hawthorne for the remainder of the season. We have enjoyed so many meals & memorable times with friends this Summer. I wanted to go out with a bang of red for the finale, with a mixture of encrusted shells and rocks we have found on beach walks. The white dahlias from the Market caught my eye, as they almost always do. Rarely do I ever take photos once guests arrive, but never say never, and I nabbed a few this time right before we sat down. 



A Blue & White WW Table

I had a meeting with an editor yesterday that worked on into dinner. I really wanted to set a simple table using the hydrangea that were a gift, now almost a month ago, that just keeping going and going. The varying shades of blue in the blooms becoming the theme of the table, with a leaf for each placed under the clear drinking glass that was the vessel holding the flower.

The custom anchor plates that we sell at Watson Kennedy being the hit of white, along with napkins, and vintage English dinner plates, to bring the whole blue & white theme together. A balsamic dressed arugula salad with feta and sliced Rainier cherries along with an herbed chèvre stuffed chicken breast was the meal as we chatted on into the eve.



Ted’s Tip No. 98

Lighting a few, or many, candles is the quickest way to add a bit of mood & ambiance when setting a table.



5 Peony

20160604-052227.jpg Flower Friday is coming to you all a day tardy. I really wanted to invite everyone to the Virginia McCracken trunk show today, so I really needed to post it yesterday. Oh well, thought you would not mind. Now onto these beautiful blooms.

Living with flowers can really brighten up a day, a table, a home. But I know they can be costly so making the most out of them is key. Most often grocery stores sell bunches of flowers, usually in a bundle of 5. That single bunch can make a big impact. Just spread the love around. Here is where a single stem vase increases the visual impact. For this table they are the simplest of clear drinking glasses. I cut the peony so the heavy head rested right on top of the lip of the glass, giving it support. Then I ran them down the middle of the dining table. That simple bunch of flowers bringing the whole table setting together, getting a big bang for the buck. The next day they moved with the table outside, and I scattered them around to mix it up a bit. The bunch of 5 peony giving us all sorts of happy over the week.




Ted’s Tip No. 62

20160424-113048.jpg Sometimes a big un-ironed cotton or linen napkin can be just the thing that pulls the place setting/table together.



Ted’s Tip No. 54

20160204-080221.jpg If you are not finding flowers to your liking, look in the produce aisle for a little dining table decoration inspiration. Lettuces, herbs and kales can make sweet arrangements all bundled up in place of flowers, for a powerful natural hit of inspiring green.



From Bucket to Table


20150824-063804.jpg It all began on Saturday at the Market with bucket after bucket of these grand dinner plate dahlias. I knew they were the ones the moment I spotted them.

20150824-063945.jpg They would make the journey to the island that eve. At least once a season this type and riotous color of dahlia makes it to WestWard. They just speak to me of late August Summer. Above them awaiting to be placed on the dining table.




20150824-064523.jpg A simple table setting where the dancing dahlias take center stage. Often I cut them quite short and have the heads just resting on top of short glasses. These wanted to be taller so I left the stems intact and cut them so the stems would be below chin level when we sat for the meal and could easily see one another. The sun setting right as Sunday supper began.