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Ted’s Tip No. 161

Zinnias this time of the season are just a riotous profusion of color, a symbol of August in their tones. Mix them with herbs, like rosemary, for a simple arrangement that is a nod to Summer.



Ted’s Tip No. 113

Add a few fresh sprigs of herbs to your next vase of flowers for a little unexpected kick.



Zinnias with Sage

Herbs can add great texture to a flower arrangement. This time of year when so many herbs are growing like crazy, snip a few stems and intersperse them with some of your favorite blooms.  Here zinnias got the sage treatment.  Our rooftop herb garden brimming with lots of choices.  Rosemary is another particular favorite. Happy Flower Friday all!



Day Trois in a Year of Flowers

I promise day three will conclude our flower tour of the year. It has been such a treat choosing the images for this re-cap. It makes me so appreciative of all the places I find blooms–the Market, the grocery store, our yard, floral shops, farmers markets. I am always on the hunt for what looks the freshest and most interesting. As I mentioned the other day, the joy they bring is immeasurable.

























20151228-040550.jpg There you have it! A year full of flowers and stems and leaves. I look forward to sharing many more along the way in the new year.



Fiery Zinnias

20150906-065031.jpg These flowers just felt like the day. Yesterday was a lovely Seattle September day. The sun was shining, the air was a bit crisp, and these zinnias were just grand. I love the gracefulness of the first few weeks of this month as Summer does its final dance. You see it and you feel it. These zinnias were a reminder of the beauty of the last few months and a look ahead to the specialness that is Autumn. I think that it what most captivates me about flowers–they capture a moment in time, while also conjuring up memories of the past and a glimpse into the future.



Zesty Zinnias

20150728-055947.jpg There are not lots of Z words that are descriptors. Zesty popped into my head, and seemed somewhat appropriate. I have never seen zinnias quite this color. Stunning. The light hitting them just perfectly. Made my day. Hope they make yours. Zesty it is!




Shades of Green

20130903-082842.jpg The Market this Saturday was just swimming in zinnias. What a happy flower they are. They come in just about every color, but the green really spoke to me on the day. A green table for Labor Day dinner it shall be. Zinnias are one of the flowers that I really like mixing herbs with. Our buckets of rosemary have just gone nuts this season, so there was tons of it to cut. The darker green would look great against the vibrant greens of the zinnias. A smattering of green apples that were a heck of a deal at the grocer as they were sold in a big bag, as well as green votive glasses added to the mix. All set for an evening meal on the deck watching the boats sail by, savoring the moment, and remembering just what an incredibly beautiful Summer we have had here in the Pacific Northwest.




A Zest for Zinnias

20120910-101037.jpg The Market was just swooning with luscious, colorful zinnias. These are such great blooms because they are so hearty and have such a long life after cutting. My favorite way to use them is mixed in with fresh herbs, like rosemary. Mixed together the zinnias and herbs create a lovely spirited end of Summer arrangement. But then, they also look pretty darn fab just as they are, in a simple vase, either solo with one color or mixed together for a riot of color.