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Ted’s Tip No. 172

Food, particularly vegetables, can be exquisite on the eye. If you know you are cooking them later in the day, leave them out on the counter to enjoy their beauty. They will also feed your soul.



Ready For a Party

I have mentioned often how some of my most favorite conversations are with customers when I am gift wrapping their goods. I refer to it as ‘wrapping’ which makes me smile. The other day a very kind but slightly stressed woman was throwing an impromptu dinner that night. During our chat, she asked me what we normally stock in our fridge, as she was having to basically start from zero that day to put together the gathering that night. I chuckled when she asked the question as we try to keep our refrigerator pretty ‘party ready’ most of the time. I posted on Instagram yesterday a photo of said fridge. I asked in return, what folks keep in theirs, which was fascinating how many interesting responses I received and all the variety of things people keep on hand. So I will pose the same question to all of you. What’s in your fridge? 

P.S. The thing that threw the most people off in this capture was the can that says, Chicken Dinner. It is Bailey’s organic food from Evanger’s. Behind that can, one called Vegetarian. We mix the two together, which has been her food for many years now, which keeps her happy as a clam.



Wednesday Food at The New York Times

20160309-080143.jpg This Wine & Dine Wednesday is not about a particular place to dine or about a stellar bottle of wine. It is about one of the reasons I jump out of bed on Wednesday morning with excitement and run to open the front door and quickly dive into our copy of The New York Times. I leaf through all the sections to find the one that makes my heart go pitter patter, Food. The very best of recipes, new foods out in the market (many of which have found their way on to the Watson Kennedy shelves), restaurant reviews, wine reviews, interviews with chefs, cookbook mentions–my head is generally spinning with happiness as there is just so much good stuff covered each week. If reading about food inspires you, then check it out. A great way to start the middle of the week!



Playing with Food & Flowers

20150410-065938.jpg I find it so visually interesting how flowers and food relate to one another–how the colors blend and match and become part of the same family. A bit of an impromptu kitchen still-life if you will. I say go ahead and play with your food. Enjoy it while it sits out on your counter. For it can nourish both the body and the soul.

Happy Friday all!