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A Day at The Fancy Food Show in SF

Oh what a treat to walk the aisles finding new edible treats for our shelves at Watson Kennedy. San Francisco is one of my all-time favorite cities, so that never hurts. The vibe & sophistication of the place near and dear to my heart. I tried my darndest to click-away a few images, but as you know, I get in the zone. This show I carried my phone in my hand most of the time which helped tremendously as it was a reminder to take more photos. Here is a bit of what I saw and what I bought at the show, coming our way soon to WK.



A Good Yolk

Funny how a recurring theme can start to happen in the matter of a day. Dining in San Francisco has always been one of favorite things in this divine city. The humble but glorious egg yolk the recurring theme on my culinary adventures. Above on pasta at Zuni Cafe and below on prime beef tartare at Wayfare Tavern. Breaking open magically creating this most amazing sauce. Natural beauty.



The San Francisco Fancy Food Show

Always an amazing sensory & culinary experience, the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco never fails to delight. From some of the largest food vendors in the world to the artisan maker, similar to when I walk a gift show, I am in search of the gems in a sea of much & many. Here is a bit of what caught my eye on Day 1 of my buying.



The Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

It can be a tad bit challenging explaining how massive this show is, but let me give it a try. It occupies both sides of the Moscone Center, food vendors from around the globe exhibit, and the aisles are so deep with buyers you can barely move. There, I think I did it. Of course, I am in pure heaven. So many choices. It makes finding a winner a bit exhilarating, as you have looked at tooooons of stuff to get to that point. I found lots of winners yesterday. More today, for sure. Here are a few of the treats coming to our shelves.






Winter Fancy Food Show

20140121-061253.jpg I spent the day surrounded by food, and not all of it was ‘fancy’ as the name of the show suggests. This is one amazing show just filled with the best packaged foods from around the globe. Because selling food is such a diverse market, this show is packed. Packed with product, but most of all packed with people. The aisles are just stuffed with buyers looking to spot the next big thing in the food market. I am still buzzing a bit from all I saw yesterday. Lots of new goodies coming our way for the shop shelves. Here is a quick sampling of what caught my eye. And yes, I did remember to take some photos this time!










More from San Francisco tomorrow. Really one of my very favorite cities ever. You can just feel the creativity in the air here.