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Appreciating the Beauty of Food

20151111-055526.jpg Buying produce from a farmers market, roadside stand or grocer that takes great pride in their offerings, often means we are purchasing food that is truly beautiful. Enjoy that beauty. Set it out on the counter when you are unpacking your groceries and enjoy it visually. Appreciate the work that has gone into growing it. Appreciate the work on your end that has allowed you to buy it. It might be just a bunch of carrots, a bundle of kale or a head of cauliflower, but it can also be a small work of art.



Grilled/Roasted Cauliflower

20150825-054156.jpg In addition to those amazing dinner plate dahlias, I also found some stellar looking cauliflower at the Market on Saturday. A small little variety perfect for grilling whole. If you are not a griller, roasting in the oven would be swell too. The idea here is to leave the veg intact, so the presentation when it is served, you still are seeing the whole head of cauliflower, not bits & pieces. Whether grilled or roasted, just slather them with extra virgin olive oil and salt to help them get nice and caramelized. Think of it like sun tan lotion for the cauliflower. Turn often so the heads cook evenly. Either take the leaves off before cooking or leave them on for an earthy presentation. Nestle them up next to a piece of meat or pasta. Or both. TPS grilled marinated flank steak and also made a pesto pasta from all the fab basil available right now. The cauliflower getting a bit charred from the grill making a heavenly trio. Whatever you end up serving it with, I think you will love them. Cheers to late August produce!