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Tulips, A Fern, A Paper Geranium & Kale

Flower Friday brings the 3 table vignettes I did yesterday on ‘NewDay Northwest’ with Margaret Larson. It was a super fun morning chatting with her on the show about setting a creative & festive Thanksgiving table. Here is the link, click here to take a look. Seven and a half minutes flies by! TV time just seems to go quicker. She is a delight and I think I got some good tips in for setting a table that can also translate to setting a stylish table any time of the year.

Quick reminder, our first Holiday Open House of the season is tomorrow at our First & Spring shop. If you are in the area I so hope you will stop by. X, T



A Table for Take-Out

To me a supper of take-out deserves equal respect to a home cooked meal when it comes to setting the table. During these busy times, ordering out can be a lifesaver. Case in point, last eve, we had a hankering for barbecue. Our table for two using the English Wedgwood plates from Mister Sive’s Hamilton College days got things rolling, as well as the new Libeco Belgian linen dish towels we stock at WK that I like to roll up and use as napkins. We were off and running! A few pomanders I like to make in honor of the season, paperwhites in a pot as well as being forced in a glass compote, a happy potted fern, lilies in full bloom, the myrtle topiary in an old silver trophy–and a cozy table was set, ready to honor the meal.



The Beauty of the Fern Dance

The ferns have just gone wild since we were last out on the island. So much so, that they even started springing up through some of the gaps in the stairs. They were all a welcoming committee when we arrived on Saturday eve. At this early stage they are just such gorgeous shades of green. The poetic unfurling of the ferns like a dance of nature. The sea of green such a sight, but when you really start looking closely at each, the true beauty of the fern in released. Such gloriously green detail.






Fab Ferns

20130408-084319.jpg I love this time of year when all the ferns are beginning to take off, are growing like weeds, and have just the prettiest shades of green. It is so interesting to see them in miniature form, just knowing they will become huge as the season progresses.

20130408-084652.jpg We have horsetail ferns all over our property on Vashon Island. I think these ferns look other-worldly. After a little reading up, I found out that they dominated the understory of late Paleozoic forests. I guess we are really just a visitor at their home. It is fun watching Bailey dodge around them like she is running an obstacle course.

20130408-085202.jpg There is just something about the beauty of a fern all bumbled up tight, waiting to unfurl.