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A Table for Take-Out

To me a supper of take-out deserves equal respect to a home cooked meal when it comes to setting the table. During these busy times, ordering out can be a lifesaver. Case in point, last eve, we had a hankering for barbecue. Our table for two using the English Wedgwood plates from Mister Sive’s Hamilton College days got things rolling, as well as the new Libeco Belgian linen dish towels we stock at WK that I like to roll up and use as napkins. We were off and running! A few pomanders I like to make in honor of the season, paperwhites in a pot as well as being forced in a glass compote, a happy potted fern, lilies in full bloom, the myrtle topiary in an old silver trophy–and a cozy table was set, ready to honor the meal.



Clove Studded Orange Pomanders

20141105-070713.jpg These take me back to my youth. I was so fortunate as a little kid to go to a school that really embraced the arts and creative classes. One of my teachers was French and she had us make these during the Holiday season. I can still somewhat imagine the sting on my thumb from pushing in the cloves to the oranges. But it was so worth it, as starting young, I derived so much pleasure in giving them as gifts and seeing how happy the recipient would be. Same holds very true today. Really just the simplest of things to do. Just push in cloves in a pleasing pattern to an orange. You will immediately be taken with that intoxicating aroma the two make. Use as many or as few cloves as you would like. Doing them the other day I used 3 different types/sizes or oranges, as I really liked the visual variety. The living room smells divine. Great to give as little gifts or keep for yourself as a treat.