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Inspiration In Red and Green

This time of year I especially love red and green together. Or separately. Does not matter. But when combined they do have a jolly-ness to them. The hues in many forms are the inspiration for the post today.



Inspiration in Green

With the arrival of Spring, I find myself craving green even more than usual. The varying vibrant full of life hue brings a jolt of energy after a long season of cold, snow and rain. For many of you back East hit with snow again, oh my, I hope this post brings thoughts of the burst of green buds and all the good green stuff, real soon.



Inspiration in Green

Spring right around the corner, St. Patrick’s Day coming up, green is front and center on my mind. The above image sent to me by a customer/blog reader and it just made my day. So many glorious shades of green! 



Inspiration in Nautical Blue

The sun was shining in ever so brightly on Saturday at the Market shop that I just had to snap a few photos. The above an inspiration in all things blue and nautical pulled from the displays. When I think of blue I think of the sky on a beautiful day, how light reflects off of water, and all the goodness that brings.




Inspiration, it is swirling all around. It just needs to stir up something in our soul. It can motivate us, center us, or drive us to create. For me, art and flowers are huge inspiration. I get lost in them and they rejuvenate me. For others, it is a sunset or a mountain hike. Whatever it is, fill your day, and ultimately your life, with moments, people & things that inspire you. 



The Beauty of Andrew Wyeth 

We had the great pleasure of seeing Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect at the Seattle Art Museum yesterday, on its final day. To be surrounded by such a vast amount of his works was inspiring on many levels. It is always incredibly interesting to see paintings from an artist when they first began and follow the years and see how their work evolves. His New England aesthetic near & dear to both our hearts, with many of his paintings reminding us of areas we meander through when back East at Hawthorne. Such a treat. Below some favorites that caught my eye and stirred my soul. 



Inspiration in Green

As the rain pitter patters away on the window sill (a very familiar sound these past few months) at this early morning hour, green is on my mind as Spring is soon upon us. All this water creates growth, so we are in for a serious dose of green in the days ahead. Here is a little green inspiration in many forms until then.



Inspiration in Blue

It is a loved hue–from light chambray to deep cobalt, blue in many forms, is our color inspiration of the day.



Inspiration in Red

This week is all about getting the shops ‘Holiday’ ready, so I have been drawing much inspiration in all shades of red.  The above display at the Home store was what started it off.  A look over my photo feed over the last few months has lots of red inspiration injected into it, with an appearance of my beloved dahlias, here and there.  And of course tomatoes & apples in tons of variations on the hue.



My Week on Instagram

20160626-063035.jpg I have shared in the past my love of Instagram. I find it so inspiring. Snippets & snapshots of all my favorite things by many of my favorite folks. It is also an outlet for me to share little pieces of beauty or inspiration throughout my day. From the first eve of Summer on the deck at WestWard, to a little tableau of shop goods, to a shot of the jasmine growing up the wall at The Gainsborough into our living room window, excitement over a new book written by a friend, to the passing of someone I have long admired–moments to share.







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A lovely, lovely Sunday to you! We have our 8 year old godson Magnus and his family coming over to the island this afternoon. He had said to TPS awhile back that he wanted to cook with him sometime, so today is the day. Can’t wait to see what they whip up for us!