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My Favorite Things Today

I spent yesterday at the 86 Pine Street shop, so I snapped away at a few things that caught my eye as the sun streamed in through the oversized window that faces out to the Market and the water. Often it is images I am capturing down at the other shop as the big First Avenue & Spring Street windows let in an incredible amount of light which is ideal for picture taking. But the beautifully sunny day had the light dancing about so I hopped right to it. More bath-centric–towels, toothbrushes, shampoo and bath gels became my favorite of the moment. With vetiver being the winning scent. I had the door open the entire day, the sound of the fountain gurgling away and folks milling about in the background, the natural music of our beloved Inn courtyard.















Fresh Shaving Cream

20130415-065512.jpg Our first order of Fresh shaving cream arrived the other day, and very quickly made a few of our customers quite happy. We have been adding more and more to our men’s shaving section, which has become popular with our male customers, and it also makes for a great guy gift. We have carried Fresh products for over 14 years, and I still get excited when we add something new to our offerings from them. We have had many requests for this shaving cream, hearing what a fine job it does against skin irritation brought on by the razor.

A lovely start of the week to each and every one of you. I hope your week- end was fab. TKW



Citron de Vigne by Fresh

20120306-082137.jpg Inspired by a visit to the Veuve Clicquot vineyard in Reims, France’s Champagne region, Alina Roytberg returned from her trip and shared every sensory detail with her husband, Lev Glazman. Normally that would just make for a great shared story between spouses with a glass of bubbly in hand. But as co-founders of the company, Fresh, it means so much more.

20120306-083219.jpg Lev began experimenting with champagne and pinot noir accords that eventually evolved into the scent, Citron de Vigne. The unisex scent has been a best-seller the moment we began selling it at Watson Kennedy.

20120306-083707.jpg I first met Alina & Lev while we were all exhibiting our wares in San Francisco in the mid 90’s at the gift show at the Moscone Center. Fresh was exhibiting the aisle over from where I was showing goods in The Watson Kennedy Collection booth. Fresh was one of the very first orders I wrote when I opened the shop in the Market in 1998. From day one, they have created some of the world’s finest scents. Citron de Vigne, continues in that fine tradition.