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Ted’s Tip No. 83

If you are setting a table this Thanksgiving, or really anytime, keep in mind flowers don’t have to be just for the center of the table.  You can scatter blooms about, in addition to a stunning grouping in the middle.  Or create little arrangements and have them at each setting or dotted around the table.  Bottom line, getting a little creative with your flowers, however simple or grand, will bring huge visual enjoyment to your guests.  And you.



Thankful on Thanksgiving

20141127-091401.jpg Let’s make that EXTRA thankful today. I think it is vital to a happy life to be thankful each and every day. We in the States get a full day to celebrate our thanks with one another. I adore this day–family, food, festivities, fun. Let me give thanks for so many things on so many levels. Thank you from the bottom right up to the top of my heart for following along on the daily blog. Rarely does a day go by that someone does not mention to me something they read on a post, the results of a recipe they tried, or the flowers they have dotting their dining table. I am so grateful and so thankful to you all. I hope you are having an extra special day in your part of the world.