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Caramel with Sea Salt Dipped in Chocolate Moravian Cookies

20131211-041038.jpg When the world hands you caramel with sea salt dipped in chocolate Moravian cookies, you eat them. In my case, I eat them, I sell them, and I eat more of them. These might just be my favorite cookie ever! Wafer thin these Moravian cookies are, filled with all the above flavors. Oh my. I have been finding it hard not to eat both rows of these in each box, they are so good. They come in this nifty box, so for $6, they are an amazing stocking stuffer/co-worker/just about anyone you can think of, gift. Add to that our complimentary WK wrapping, and this might just be the niftiest thriftiest gift we offer.




Sweet Sunday

20121125-085953.jpg It is always so interesting to see what pattern develops over the gift buying season, and to see what stand-out items become best sellers. The chocolate enrobed Moravian cookies in the handsome tins have been a hit these last few weeks. Made by the family owned Salem Baking Company, which began in 1930, these cookies are not to be missed.

20121125-090859.jpg Moravian cookies are paper-thin and baked slowly to produce a crisp texture full of flavor. For the above, caramel is added with a hint of sea salt and then bathed in chocolate. Yum!

20121125-091226.jpg The mint variety being especially popular during the Holiday season.

20121125-091332.jpg The blood orange with candied orange zest always being a crowd favorite.

What I really like about this trio is they make great host/hostess gifts. Cookies become our jam replacement gift (which is a go-to most of the year) during the Holidays. It is also nice to have a few tubes handy for a quick dessert with coffee. Super simple, but still loved by all.