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A Gratitude Filled Sunday Thought

We all get to fill in the last part of the last sentence as it will be different for all of us. Thought this worked perfectly for this week of thanks and gratitude.




Let me start by saying this is one of the most meaningful windows I have put together in close to 20 years.  I was on the verge of tears often while I was pinning these notes, cards & letters up on the wall.  This is my thank you for all the kindness shown to all who sent me a note.  Let’s backtrack a bit, for those of you new to reading my blog.  In May, I celebrated the 5th year of writing the daily posts. I asked folks then to send me a correspondence.  To write whatever they would like. Day after day envelopes arrived from around the globe.  Beautifully and often artfully handwritten.  To say I was in heaven is a slight understatement.  Then more arrived.  Artwork, gifts, more cards, more letters.  You all filled my heart with so much love–I truly can’t thank you enough.  They all were the PERFECT present to remember the 5th anniversary by. I am humbled by your words.  This wall is a small portion of them, but it is my ‘thank you’ back to all of you for taking the time. Merci, merci, merci from the bottom all the way up to the top of my heart.

Sending tons of love to your corner of the world,  Ted



Saying Thank You, Often

20160407-032610.jpg Thank You. Those 2 words when placed next to one another can be so powerful. I really feel those words can’t be said, written or expressed enough in our world. This post is meant to be a thank you to all of you–for reading the blog, following along, sending e-mails, saying kind words in person, sending notes. From Boston to Brisbane, Berkeley to Bangkok, to right across the lake in Bellevue, and so many other places and from so many kind folks, I have received such incredibly heartfelt words of thanks. That the daily posts brought inspiration, a smile, thought, happiness, connection. I have been asked often over this close to 5 years since I started writing each morning, why I do it. I think each and every one of us has something unique & special in our lives to share, along with so many different avenues in which to do so. In ways big and small. For me writing each day to you all is a way of sharing a thought, idea, flower, quote, shop good, recipe–whatever inspires me at that moment. It is about sharing, making us all, myself included, aware of all the beauty that is around us each and every moment. We just have to see it, be aware of it, be thankful for it. Life can throw at us all sorts of not good things. These things can at times outweigh or dampen the ability to see the good. My hope is that the post each day is a reminder of that good & beauty in our world. Again, in ways both big and small. I find it such an honor to be part of a moment of your day. Your kindness along the way has always been such an inspiration to me. For that, I say, thank you, to you.



Giving Season Ending Thanks

20150911-064515.jpg As Summer takes its final lap, let’s all take time to reflect & relish the season and the beauty it brought forth. Caretaker extraordinaire Bill sent us an image of a Hawthorne hydrangea yesterday he had taken awhile back and I was so taken with the hearty healthiness of the leaves and the beauty of that bloom. They had been teenie tiny plants just starting out when we bought the house a few years ago. To see them flourish just makes me grateful to the season. All that sunshine, heat, rain–feeding them to grow and grow. Summer, while you are still around for a bit, we just want to give thanks for all you provided us with. You have been a memorable one, indeed.



Memorial Day Remembrance

20150525-091322.jpg May this Memorial Day be filled with remembrance for those that gave their lives serving our country as well as those that have served or are serving our country. I am reminded daily of the incredible freedoms we have living in the United States. My father was a Marine and stressed to me the importance of remembering those freedoms and those that have helped to keep them for us. It is such a lovely thing to have a day where remembrance & gratitude are the focus.



A Year of Gratitude

20150315-062526.jpg “It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.”
–David Steindl-Rast

So very true. I think a big part of incorporating gratitude in our daily life is thanking those around you. Often. Which also goes hand and hand with jotting off a quick note of thanks. Our re-order of these boxes arrived the other day. We sold out of our first order within days. Just the niftiest thing, which includes 52 thank you cards with envelopes plus a guided journal to chronicle your year of gratitude. Just add stamps and you are good to go. Or make one of your own. I think by having everything all neat & organized and at the ready just makes the task of note writing less of a task and more of a joy. Ease is the key.

Sending huge thanks and much gratitude to you all for following along.
Have a lovely Sunday,