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My New Favorite App

20120511-074301.jpg I chuckled to myself a bit when I typed the title to this post. The mere fact that it has to do with technology, and that I would use the word favorite to describe it, would have stunned my friends a few years ago. Boy have times changed. I was the guy who barely knew where the on/off button was awhile back, and the only cutting and pasting I was doing was for WK shop display projects. I just got to the point where I was tired of not knowing how to do some of these tasks that small children were doing with ease. I am by no means a wizard at this stage, but I am having a heck of alottta fun with all that is out there for my iPhone and iPad. My newest fascination is with the app Camera+. It has been a welcome addition, since I shoot everything for this blog and the Watson Kennedy website using the camera on my phone. It really enhances the clarity of photos, and there are a large variety of edges to use on your photos too. That has been a welcome addition to some of the latest posts. Below is the same photo as above, only enhanced to bring more of the colors out, with a border added. It is just cool to have the variety to play around with the photos a bit.




The Sweetest Bracelets

20120322-073517.jpg A lovely woman shopping at Watson Kennedy last week asked me why I never write about the jewelry we carry. The answer was simple, jewelry is tough to photograph. The photos of jewelry I had photographed just were not as clear as I was wanting. I shoot the photos for the blog & website exclusively from my iPhone. It has just proved to be the handiest and most efficient way to get everything done in a timely manner. I just upgraded to the latest version of the phone, and man o’ man, the camera is incredible.

20120322-074343.jpg That all said, and so sorry for the long, boring explanation–but the up side is I will now be able to show some of our beautiful baubles.

20120322-074618.jpg These sweet, sweet bracelets will start us off! Made in upstate New York, they have a vintage feel to them, but they are not. The mixing of metal and the positive thought stamped into it makes for a bracelet that could be worn solo, and would also be great mixed in with other bracelets.



The Things I Carry

20111117-065509.jpg A customer came up to me yesterday who must read the daily blog, and asked, “What do you carry in your bag?” At first I was a bit stunned, and then I remembered the post I wrote yesterday morning. Tipping my hat to you, Mr. Fielden. Here are the things I carry.

1-My Filson bag is the perfect size to carry me thru the day.
2-The Burberry umbrella I bought at least 15 years ago in London, will now be an item I carry daily. Darn it.
3-Gold dollar coins that I like using for barista & taxi tips.
4-A vintage Mont Blanc pen that was a gift from David Sive, Ted’s dad.
5-My trusty iPad, and the only thing missing from the photo is my iPhone, because that is what I used to take the photo. Hard to imagine a day going by that I don’t use one or the other, but almost always both.
6-The Louis Vuitton daytimer that I bought my freshman year in college when I was visiting my sister in Palm Beach over Winter break, that looks as good today as when I bought it. It is no longer my daytimer, but instead holds a Moleskin journal for quick note taking & doodling, as well as notecards for when I need to send off a quick note. The little LV wallet was a recent purchase on our trip to Charleston. They make indestructible goods.
7-My keys, which contains a charm made for me by my friend CoCo, that says, Live in the Moment. A sentiment that holds huge meaning for me in my life.
8-A box of matches from Sant Ambroeus in New York, that reminds me of a magical night we had there.
9-A vintage 63 game piece given to me by my friend Jane Dagmi. We give each other 63 items, as we share the same birth year.
10-A roll of Harry Barker No. 2 bags for Bailey.
11-A tin of Altoids gum, which I can’t imagine living without.
12-Ditto for the Kiehl’s lip balm.
13-A travel tin of Maldon sea salt, because good salt is good salt.
14-And lastly, a large stack of 1 and 5 dollar bills. Being a retailer, I am always swapping out singles and fives for 20 dollar bills, as we never want the till to run out smaller bills.

What a riot, I had no idea how much stuff I had in there till I took it all out. To the lovely lady who asked, this is what I have in my bag.

A happy Thursday to all.



The Journey

20111007-065344.jpg I am a planner. I make lists. Since my earliest memories, I have found great comfort in being organized. But as well thought out a planned day might be, a ferry ride can change all of that. We have used framer extraordinaire Donna, at Frame of Mind, on Vashon Island for all of our framing needs for many years. I had a new round of Hugo Guinness pieces to be framed, so a mid-week trip was in the cards. I ran around doing errand after errand. It was a beautiful day. I pulled up to the ferry dock right as a ferry was pulling away. This was not in my plan. It was then that I thought I could get upset at having missed the ferry, or I could just enjoy the moment. I turned the classical music station off. I rolled down the windows. I turned my phone and iPad off. There would be no checking e-mails or texting. I would just be, lost in my thoughts, enjoying the glorious day. Time just drifted away, and the hour just flew by. As I drove onto the ferry, I was instructed to pull into the left lane. I would be the first car on the left side of the boat. This was my view. The crossing only takes 15 minutes, but I enjoyed each and every one of them. Funny how life works. You can plan all you want, but sometimes what you are handed is better than anything you could ever have planned for.