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Victoria Amory Fine Herbs Mayonnaise

20151020-093754.jpg There are just certain things I like hanging out in the fridge at the ready. The above jar of mayo is now on that list. So much so that I packed a bottle of it in our luggage for this trip. We started carrying it at the shop awhile back, and that is when the love began. The herbs added to this top flight mayonnaise is what makes it extra special. Parsley, tarragon & dill mixed with the fresh lemon make this an easy dip for crudités. But what I tried it with the other day made us both very happy at lunchtime. Mixed with tuna, it bumped up the flavor quotient considerably. The herbs adding a delicate note that made the tuna salad absolutely divine.



Victoria Amory Flatbread Crisps

20150810-095915.jpg The shipment of these arrived just as our Friday was winding down at the shop, but I really wanted to get them out onto the sales floor for folks to enjoy for the week-end. I grabbed a bag as we headed out the door, rushing home to get things ready for guests arriving at 7. Boy am I glad I did! Tasty in a bag. Actually, good enough to eat right out of the bag. Rosemary & parsley was the bag of choice. We served them with a variety of cheeses. Is the plural, cheeses? Excuse me if I am wrong. However you slice it, they were heaven. Crispy but no too crisp. The hint of rosemary and parsley just the perfect hint. We will now always have a bag of these at the ready. Next to try, the classic sea salt.

Happy Monday all. Woke up this morning to the rain coming down on our metal roof out at WestWard, which we find so soothing, it lulled me back to sleep. Wow. Rain. We have had so little of it this year I almost forgot what it sounded like. The pots of scented geranium all perky from the natural watering. Hope your week is off to a smashing start…
Always, TKW



Victoria Amory Condiments

20150423-065007.jpg We are still receiving new goods that I ordered at the New York show back in January. I love a constant stream of new things showing up throughout the year. Keeps the assortment fresh–so you always spot something new when entering the shops. Just in, Victoria Amory gourmet condiments.

20150423-065310.jpg Bumping up the quality quotient to everyday things we use can elevate the everyday experience. While I know we don’t use ketchup & mayonnaise everyday, to have really excellent bottles of it at the ready when we do, just creates a more memorable experience. Case in point, I tried the Champagne ketchup the other day with my lunch at the shop. I was blown away by the flavors. Complex, not overly sweet. When was the last time you even though about ketchup?

20150423-065830.jpg The Fine Herbs mayonnaise just waiting for crudités at the next cocktail party. Plus you all know how I love great packaging. These bottles are sharp enough to leave out in a pinch on a sandwich board. They would look stellar wrapped up in clear cello bags for host/hostess gifts.