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We stayed in town this week-end and one of the things I did was start this book by Ingrid Fetell Lee, Joyful. With a subtitle of ‘The Surprising Power Of Ordinary Things To Create Extraordinary Happiness’ I knew the moment I cracked it open it would be right up my alley. A gift from my friend Jeanne, whose beyond beautiful watercolors we show at the shops. The word ‘things’ should also mean ‘moments’ as the book is not solely about objects. It is a concept that pervades my life, so incredibly interesting getting another perspective. Drawing on insights from neuroscience and psychology, her research absolutely fascinating and spot on. Lee explains why some experiences are laden with joy, explores how we can cultivate these experiences every day, and shows us how to identify the most joy-inspiring people, places, and objects in our lives. Cheers to that! Look for copies arriving soon at both shops.



At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life

Just In, and quite excited to share a new book by my friends Susanna Salk and Stacey Bewkes. You all might remember this chic duo from the video they produced about Hawthorne awhile back. Stacey pens the wildly popular Quintessence lifestyle blog which includes shooting the At Home with video series along with Susanna. ‘At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life’ is written by Susanna and photographed by Stacey. It is the most charming book for all of us dog lovers out there. Just in time for gift giving season, I might add! From Bunny Williams to Charlotte Moss and so many creative & talented designers in-between, they share the story of their pooches–from how they first got them to stylish living tips galore. Big and small dogs of just about every breed are presented in situ, which is so fun seeing each in their visually inspired home. Really quite a gem in so many ways. We have stacks at the shops and are always more than happy to wrap them up and ship them out.



Classic Style by Kate Schelter

A fun new book is on the way to the shops. Classic Style by Kate Schelter, who is an artist, creative director and stylist. My first introduction to Kate’s work was through my friend Rita Konig, who shows her work on her website. The book is about style in many forms–how we dress, how we furnish our homes, the gifts we give. From the book: “The key to personal style is simple: Forget what’s cool and trust your gut. The magic is in your mix. When you draw confidence from your classics–the pieces that you come back to again and again–your style is your own. Classics let you do more, and be more, with less.”

A fun thing incorporated throughout the pages is a questionnaire of some of her friends, with one being from Rita. I always love reading about the details of folks lives. So often we know the big picture, I find it fascinating to know the little details that make their heart sing. Just for fun, I answered a bunch of the questions. This would be an interesting thing to do at your next dinner or cocktail party with friends.

Oldest Item In Your Wardrobe  A black cashmere overcoat that was my grandfathers.

Wristwatch  A gold Rolex that was my 21st birthday present from my parents that I have worn every day since.

Fragrance  Diptyque Philosykos.

Everything Goes Better With  A smile.

Sentimental Gift You’ve Received  A piece of artwork each year from my husband on our anniversary. This coming January is 30 years!

Favorite Place In The World  Wherever TPS & Bailey are.

Dishes  A mix of vintage English and a set of all-white we have had for 25+ years.

Favorite Hotel  Hotel Le Tourville in Paris. We painted our bedroom at The Gainsborough the same yellow as one of our favorite rooms we stayed in there.

Favorite Restaurant  Spinasse & Cafe Campagne in Seattle. Prune & Buvette in New York.

Go-To Drink  Hendricks and Fever-Tree with a cucumber slice.

Luggage  A Filson roller bag.

Favorite Font  Times New Roman

Preferred Method Of Correspondence  A hand-written note, but sometimes a text slips in too.

Can’t Cook Without  Good salt. Maldon and Jacobsen.

Favorite Color  Green with orange a close runner-up.

Beloved Movie  The Royal Tenenbaums 

Design Idol  Albert Hadley

Flowers  No conceivable way I could choose just one. Tulips, peony, hydrangea, roses, dahlias.

Makes You Feel At Home  Lighting a candle and having flowers scattered about in single stem vases.



Double Stick Tape As Your Friend

I had found these old, falling apart books with these cool images of birds & botanicals at a thrift store ages ago and had thought they would be fun at Hawthorne in some way.  This is where double stick tape, a staple in my design/display arsenal always comes in handy. Framing this many would have been a bloody fortune and we were not 100% sure we would want to use them in these spots forever.  I know some folks wince at using pages from old books, but the joy in using/seeing them to me far outweighs them falling out of the book stuck in a drawer not being enjoyed.  A quick artful yet random scattering of the images and a sort of ‘wallpaper’ wall is created.  Cheers to double stick tape!



Living With Shakespeare

20160401-031224.jpg When I am looking at books for the shops, there are some I know we will only carry for a short period, sort of ‘of the moment’ titles. Others become perennial favorites and we end up stocking it for quite some time. Such is the case with Living With Shakespeare. It is a title that makes a great gift, but also a book that many want to keep for themselves. Mister Shakespeare has quite a hold on folks.

From the publisher’s site:
Why Shakespeare? What explains our continued fascination with his poems and plays? Susannah Carson invites forty actors, directors, scholars, and writers to reflect on why his work is still such a vital part of our culture. We hear from James Earl Jones on reclaiming Othello as a tragic hero, Julie Taymor on turning Prospero into Prospera, Camille Paglia on teaching the plays to actors, F. Murray Abraham on gaining an audience’s sympathy for Shylock, Sir Ben Kingsley on communicating Shakespeare’s ideas through performance, Germaine Greer on the playwright’s home life, Dame Harriet Walter on the complexity of his heroines, Brian Cox on social conflict in his time and ours, Jane Smiley on transposing “King Lear” to Iowa in “A Thousand Acres,” and Sir Antony Sher on feeling at home in Shakespeare’s language. Together these essays provide a fresh appreciation of Shakespeare’s works as a living legacy to be read, seen, performed, adapted, revised, wrestled with, and embraced by creative professionals and lay enthusiasts alike.

A glorious Spring Friday and first day of April to you!
From sunny Seattle,



Design the Life You Love

20151116-085114.jpg The other day I am tidying up a display and I hear a voice behind me say, “You are carrying my book,” in just the sweetest tone. I turn around to be greeted by just the sweetest woman, Ayse Birsel. She was in town doing a big signing, I think at Elliott Bay, and said many folks had told her she needed to come check-out the Watson Kennedy shops before she headed home. We indeed are carrying her creatively charming guide to designing the best life for yourself. So much so, that we had a big stack of her books right on the front table right as you came in the door. I was utterly charmed by it awhile back when I was ordering new books for the shops the last time I was at the showrooms. An interactive workbook for unleashing your creativity while examining your daily routines. All bound together in jaunty red, making it a great gift to give this season, right on to Valentine’s Day. While also be a creatively lovely gift to give yourself.



SEATTLE City of Literature

20151006-062648.jpg Seattle is in the midst of another growth spurt. Having lived here for close to 30 years, I have seen plenty of growth in that time. Talk with certain folks and they have lots of opinions on the topic. They like the change, they don’t like the change. Some love it, some don’t. So it was interesting to sit by the fire in my favorite chair out on the island the other eve and start this book. A glimpse of our beloved Seattle from the perspective of the literary clan through their eyes. Story after entertaining story about then and about now. A great book for when you just want to read bits & pieces. Entertaining as all get out. The perfectly red cover making it a pretty great gift. I actually was going to type the word ‘Holiday’ but stopped myself. Just can’t. Toooo soon. Customers have mentioned seeing Christmas trees out already in displays at some major retailers. Wow. Amazing. I digress, this is just a cool book whatever time of year you give it or read it. Nice big stacks of them at both shops for your perusal.



Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

20150910-030916.jpg The color inspiration continues with a new off the charts color-filled book I ordered for the shops the other day at the showrooms, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Written by Brisbane, Australia based interior designer & shopkeeper, Anna Spiro. Funny how the world works. I was first introduced to Anna by my friend, the artist Wayne Pate, via social media. We then started following one another on Instagram and it was such a delight to watch her experience with her book and the journey she took with it, a little while after mine came out. Her blog was also the impetus for her book. Anna is all about color so I spotted the cool cover instantly and jumped with happiness when I saw it sitting on a shelf at the showroom. Yes, I am the type of person who jumps with glee from happiness, but you might have already guessed that. Her book is about color prevailing in every part of her life/design, from fabrics, to paint, to flowers, to artwork, to the objects that are the finishing touches. It is just a happy book. Her joy and enthusiasm for life and design jump off the pages. Thrilled & honored to have her book soon join our stacks of home books for all to enjoy.



12,000 Dreams Interpreted Journal

20150329-084059.jpg Having just woken up moments ago, this post and this journal seem quite apropos. Dreams can be such dreamy things. Or scary things. Or thought provoking things. This journal keeps record of them. There is a companion book that gives meaning to 12,000 things we dream about. I find it fascinating how some people remember their dreams so vividly, while others do not. Or the feeling of what the dream was but not fully remembering it or not remembering it at all. A remembered dream can be such a gift. Interesting stuff, these dreams of ours. Sold separately, they are a pretty sweet duo.

A lovely Sunday to you all. If that includes a nap with a dream, even better…