The Boys In The Boat

January 3, 2024

The Boys In The Boat an incredible story on so many levels captured so beautifully in the book written by Daniel James Brown and most recently a movie that came out on Christmas Day. Mister Sive read this book when it first came out. He being a University of Washington alumni and rowing runs deep in our family. Actually I think almost everyone in our family has now read it. Living in Seattle, you can still feel the pride from this group of 9 young men winning the gold medal in the 1936 Olympics anytime they are spoken about in stories. We saw the movie yesterday and while it was visually beautiful, it most certainly did not match the depth of the book. But how often does a movie? I absolutely don’t want this to be a negative review of the movie, as I would recommend seeing it. But would also highly suggest reading the book too to get the full story. It is uplifting in a time when so many things in the world can feel not.