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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

One of my very favorite parts of being a shopkeeper is finding the variety of things we sell. From books, to jewelry, to jam–if it strikes a cord and catches my fancy, we most likely will give it a go! So many things we sell we have a connection to, like a place we are fond of, or something is made/written by someone we know, which makes selling the good so very personal. Today’s assortment is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but the tread is the connection and love.

20160413-050431.jpg Cynthia Nims is an old friend who just wrote this fab new oyster book. Jim Henkens has been a customer for many years and so beautifully photographed it.

20160413-050734.jpg These vintage French medallion necklaces are some of my very favorites jewels we sell, and we have carried them for many years. Andrea, the maker, who I just adore, brought in a fresh batch a week or so ago. Each one a small work of art.

20160413-051039.jpg Our friend Lisa wrote The Official Preppy Handbook over 35 years ago. It is a classic. I have started finding/selling copies I find as it has been out of print for years, so I love offering it in homage to my love of all things prep and honoring a friend.

20160413-051448.jpg New York and jam love meet on this one. Small batch preserves & jams are some of my favorite little gifts. These I found at The Fancy Food show in SF awhile back. They just arrived yesterday.



20160413-051754.jpg The pitchers I wrote about the other day have been a hit! They are not yet on our website so I thought I would post them here first, as we have gotten tons of inquires about pricing. These are the largest of the 3 styles I brought in. The top and bottom are $110 each and the middle gem is $125.

20160413-052122.jpg And lastly, a little wrapped up WK gift for our friend Alex’s 60th birthday. There is nothing I/we like better than to walk the floor and help a customer pull things to make a thoughtful gift. Here a pair of mini Champagne bottle cufflinks were the boxed surprise, surrounded by the sweetest book to mark the occasion tied off with a vintage number six Bakelite domino.



Consider the Oyster

20111027-055138.jpg “Oysters are sexy. Let’s agree on that right away,” was the first thing I read when I picked up this book when I was ordering a slew of books at the show. I agree, they really are. Plus, the photo on the cover was beautifully photographed, and the guy who wrote the book sounds like a character–so all in all, it would make the “yes” pile for new titles that grace the tables at the shops.

Rich in history and lore, this book weaves together anecdotes from the author’s experiences as a restauranteur and competitive shucker with practical information on everything from how to open oysters with finesse to planning an oyster party. This book will make a great gift heading into the gift giving season.