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Timeless Jewelry at WK

Yesterday was spent shooting more goods for the new website coming in November. Jewelry was top of the list. Here are a few highlights that caught my eye. Timeless is what I am going for when filling up the shop cases.



Horn Aplenty

Just In, a big, beautiful shipment of horn jewelry from Ha Noi. I am particularly fond of this thin bangle, as I think they look stylish with someone wearing just one, and oh so chic with many. The variety of earthy tones pretty darn dreamy. The horn these artisans work with is from water buffalo who have died of natural causes. I think it is a lovely way to pay homage to them, as the pieces live on in their memory.



Jewels & Baubles at WK

One, I love the word ‘baubles’ so I smiled when I typed it for the heading. Baubles, baubles, baubles–say that three times fast. I am pretty sure you will laugh. Now that I got that out of the way, a happy Saturday to you! I spent part of yesterday shooting jewelry for new website additions. Jewelry is incredibly tough to shoot from an iPhone as getting as close-up as you need/want can be tricky, and avoiding shadows and cell phone lines in the image is always a concern. But I love a challenge so away I went and clicked away. We always have stacks of ephemera here & there for display projects, so I incorporated some vintage book pages and old photos into the shots. Our jewelry cases at both shops are often overflowing, so it was tough choosing, but I pulled some ‘classics’ for us, as well as a few new favorites. While this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the saying goes, do look for more baubles to be adding to our site. It is regularly requested we add more of it, and now that I sort of have the hang of shooting the pieces with this trusty device, I am game. Hope your day is a great one!



A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

One of my very favorite parts of being a shopkeeper is finding the variety of things we sell. From books, to jewelry, to jam–if it strikes a cord and catches my fancy, we most likely will give it a go! So many things we sell we have a connection to, like a place we are fond of, or something is made/written by someone we know, which makes selling the good so very personal. Today’s assortment is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but the tread is the connection and love.

20160413-050431.jpg Cynthia Nims is an old friend who just wrote this fab new oyster book. Jim Henkens has been a customer for many years and so beautifully photographed it.

20160413-050734.jpg These vintage French medallion necklaces are some of my very favorites jewels we sell, and we have carried them for many years. Andrea, the maker, who I just adore, brought in a fresh batch a week or so ago. Each one a small work of art.

20160413-051039.jpg Our friend Lisa wrote The Official Preppy Handbook over 35 years ago. It is a classic. I have started finding/selling copies I find as it has been out of print for years, so I love offering it in homage to my love of all things prep and honoring a friend.

20160413-051448.jpg New York and jam love meet on this one. Small batch preserves & jams are some of my favorite little gifts. These I found at The Fancy Food show in SF awhile back. They just arrived yesterday.



20160413-051754.jpg The pitchers I wrote about the other day have been a hit! They are not yet on our website so I thought I would post them here first, as we have gotten tons of inquires about pricing. These are the largest of the 3 styles I brought in. The top and bottom are $110 each and the middle gem is $125.

20160413-052122.jpg And lastly, a little wrapped up WK gift for our friend Alex’s 60th birthday. There is nothing I/we like better than to walk the floor and help a customer pull things to make a thoughtful gift. Here a pair of mini Champagne bottle cufflinks were the boxed surprise, surrounded by the sweetest book to mark the occasion tied off with a vintage number six Bakelite domino.



Quote Necklaces

20130206-075417.jpg As far back as my wholesale showroom days, I have always sold jewelry. I love going to the shows and seeing all the new designs that the artisans come up with each season. The above quote necklaces spoke to me on many levels. One, they have a vintage feel to them that you know I really like. Plus you know my weakness for anything with words or quotes on them. These necklaces married the two every so perfectly. Made in upstate New York, each piece is engraved with a short quote/thought, to wear and be reminded of. We carry an assortment of quotes, but the above seemed to sum up sentiments that I think ring so true each and every day.



LOVE Bracelets

20130204-092938.jpg A new round of the simplest & sweetest LOVE bracelets arrived at the shops just in time for Valentine’s Day. Done in a gold, silver or brass finish–the bracelets are embossed with LOVE several times. It creates a piece that works perfectly solo or added with other bracelets and will be a stand-out among the grouping. To give or to keep.



Vintage Ephemera Necklaces

20121013-055509.jpg I just finished composing a new round of vintage ephemera necklaces. These are pieces we have carried over the years at Watson Kennedy, made up of things we find on our travels. I try and vary the necklace that holds the vintage pieces, but I keep coming back to this version of the hand, because I like it so much.

20121013-060142.jpg The ring works perfectly for holding a collection of things. I keep a box in my office which holds ephemera I find on trips that I think will work for these necklaces. When the creative composing mood strikes, I bring out the box and get to work.

20121013-060505.jpg Each necklace always has a vintage key. Always. I have been making these necklaces for quite some time, and I just think a vintage key holds years of stories from the travels it has taken, so I always include at least one. Or many.

20121013-060840.jpg From there, I just start adding things I think work well together. Each piece telling a little visual story. Over the years I have found amazing whistles in England. These are always a hit on the necklaces.

20121013-061231.jpg I always find cool medals & religious medallions when we are in France. They add such great patina and history to the pieces.

20121013-061453.jpg Actually that is why I like making them. They really do have a history, filled with the beauty of the past, made into something beautiful for the present.



The Cameo is Back

20120405-072315.jpg Actually, at Watson Kennedy, the cameo has never left. Imagine my surprise when I read in Vogue a few months ago that the cameo has made a big comeback. I laughed, because we have carried cameo earrings & necklaces for as long as I can remember.

20120405-072729.jpg I guess we are cooler now. I smile as I type that. It all seems so silly. A cameo is a Classic, with a capital C. A classic never goes out of style.

20120405-073104.jpg We carry intaglio and cameo. The difference is, an intaglio is carved into the surface of a medium. A cameo is a raised image above the surface. The variety we carry are created by a small group of artisans in Western Europe. Glass, fossilized ivory, jet and shell are used to create the spectacular pieces we carry at Watson Kennedy.

20120405-074013.jpg As I mentioned in a post a week or so ago, I am much happier with the clarity of the images I am getting of the baubles we carry. All the above jewelry is some of my very favorite that we stock.