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A Tomato Sandwich and a Glass of Rosé

That time of year again, and oh what a grand time of year it is. Tomato season! I can eat them daily and many times we do in so many ways. But the simplest is a tomato sandwich, on toasted bread, slathered in mayo with a heavy hand when salting the tomato. Heaven. Add a glass of rosé and a good book, and it might be one of my favorite August activities without breaking a sweat.



Friday Night Pizza and Martinis 

Wine & Dine Wednesday has nothing to do with wine this week but it does about dining. I have written a bunch in the past of our Friday night tradition of having guests over for pizza & martinis. The above table was from last Friday where we had the artist Mindy Carpenter and her friend Kelly over the night before she presented her floral painting workshop. Oh the laughs we had! The post today is really about starting a tradition and changing it up to fit your needs. Pizza becomes Chinese take-out and martinis become wine. It really is about getting together with friends. Tweak the tradition how best fits the eve or group of folks you are inviting. I always set the table the night before or morning of so we can come home from work, light a few candles, turn on the music, order the food and wait for our guests to arrive.



Merry Christmas Wishes

20151225-091638.jpg It is our yearly tradition to wake up Christmas morning at the Inn at the Market. To feel the stillness of quiet in a place we hold so near and dear, which is normally bustling with so much activity. To look out the window and see the stalls empty, knowing everyone is home enjoying a day of rest, after the busyness of the season. I know many of you are doing the same. Enjoying the day with friends or family or both. We just received word that our niece Caitlin, who is the chef I have written about in the past, had her baby this morning in New York. So it is a happy day indeed in the Watson Sive household. It will be a relaxing day and then off to dinner at friends, another tradition of many years. I think that is what I love most about the season, the traditions we all enjoy from year to year.

From my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas!



Watson Family Shrimp Dip

20141205-071143.jpg Being a retailer and shopkeeper, Thanksgiving feels like ages ago, but in reality I know it was only a week ago. I have had this recipe in the line-up for a post since then, but kept forgetting about it until this morning. Today is the day. This is a family recipe so let me give you some background on it. I truly can’t remember a family gathering where shrimp dip was not included. Every holiday this was part of the tradition. It has been many, many years since I have made it, but last Thursday, Thanksgiving, was when I whipped up a batch. It is so simple, and so tasty–it brings me right back to my childhood.

Take two 8 ounce blocks of cream cheese and leave out until soft. These really need to be soft to make this easy to mix. Once soft, put into a mixing bowl. I use a KitchenAid mixer, my sister uses a hand held mixer. Either is totally fine. Add two 4 ounce cans of tiny shrimp after you have drained them thoroughly. Fresh cooked shrimp is fine here too. My mom always used the canned shrimp, so I try and make it just as she did so the flavor/memory is just the same. Then add 6 dashes of Worcestershire sauce. As well as a two teaspoons of garlic powder. Add a few pinches of fresh ground pepper. Start mixing these all together, adding whole milk as you go, until you get the desired consistency you like. Our Mother likes it creamier, my sister & I like it firmer. Once done, give it a taste and see if you want to add more Worcestershire sauce or garlic powder. That is it.

Serve with the best potato chips you can get your hands on. My brother’s name is Tim, so we always try and serve it with those. Crackers are fab too, as are slices of baguette. This really just takes me back to my youth and Midwest roots. It is amazing how food and tastes and flavors can do just that.