Pomander Time

December 10, 2020

It is that time of year again. Pomander time! Instantly takes me back to my childhood. The studding of cloves into oranges. Really could not be easier and the result smells divine with the visual being quite pleasing. When I was a kid we used to stud the entire orange with cloves, which took forever. Which also killed my thumb from pressing in so many cloves. Ahhhh, the wiseness of age. Now I find something sharp, like a wooden skewers, to make the pattern of holes, then press in the cloves. It saves my thumb plus it speeds up the process considerably. Set on a platter or fill up a bowl. Place in a linen drawer. You decide. I find it all terribly therapeutic. I actually make them year round, and always make them when we fly as it helps to pass the time. I give them to the flight attendants as a little surprise parting gift when we deplane.

Note: My husband’s rugelach recipe from yesterday left out one very important sentence/ingredient. Flour! The post has been changed to add said sentence/ingredient. So sorry about that. Crazy busy time of year in our household. We both did a quick scan after he wrote it and both missed it. Happy Thursday all!