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A Plum Still Life

The plums at the first farm stand we stopped at kind of blew me away they were so beautiful. I knew they would be grand sitting in a glass bowl on the counter for all to enjoy before becoming part of a chicken dish where they will get baked alongside green olives. Funny story about the bowl. I bought it during our May stay a few months ago at my beloved Red Chair on Warren in Hudson. I had eyed it before and that was the time to make it ours. Home it came and I was so excited. Quickly upon arriving at the house it got unpacked and went right into the sink to wash. It was actually a pedestal bowl, and within seconds I accidentally hit the bottom of the pedestal against the wall of the sink and snap! Off it went. Hugely lucky it was a clean break and the bowl portion was unscathed. Our ‘use it and love it and if it breaks so be it’ policy went into play within moments.



Plums Roasted with Chicken & Green Olives

20140913-074510.jpg A super easy meal to make as the plums are so plentiful right now. Halve plums and take out pit. Add to chicken filled baking dish alongside green olives, minced garlic, S&P, extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of white wine. Cook at 400 degrees until chicken is done. Serve over egg noodles or rice. Many of the plums breakdown and create a glorious sauce and others remain intact and look great nestled up next to the chicken. Apologies, we were so hungry after this came out of the oven that I forgot to click a photo of it plated up. Perfect for a week night meal but also lovely to serve to guests.



Simplicity and Plums

20130909-070254.jpg It was a stunningly beautiful day yesterday out on the island and we had guests coming at noon to spend the day and stay thru dinner. I had worked the day before at the First Avenue shop instead of at the Market shop as usual, so I was not able to get flowers. I was thinking something would excite me at the grocery store on Saturday eve, but no luck. Something pulled from the ground or a pot would have to do the trick.

20130909-070654.jpg This is where ferns or herbs or whatever you have growing comes in mighty handy. A very simple table it would be. Our overflowing scented geraniums would once again come to our rescue.

20130909-070907.jpg A few snips and the poetic dance of the stem and the green of the leaf would be just the ticket. I ran clear drinking glasses down the middle, added the stems, and we were off and running. Simplicity.

20130909-071230.jpg I really wanted to try the plum and olive recipe again that I wrote about last week because it was so darn good. This time I made a few changes. We had rice instead of egg noodles which we liked better. The rice sops up that glorious sauce easier. I also used a variety of plums and we really liked the variety of colors and flavors each provided. This week I used chicken pieces with the skin on. Last week I had used skinless chicken. The skin provided a little extra fat added to the plums and the white wine as they reduced in the pan, creating a much thicker sauce. It is always fun to play around with recipes and tweak them a tad. End result, as yummy if not yummier (is that even a word?) than last week.

Happy Monday and start of the week everyone. From WestWard, Ted



Perfectly Perky Plums

20130824-074607.jpg I have to admit, I really don’t know much about plums. I want to call upon the expertise of my fabulous & talented readers on this one. How do you best like to prepare and eat plums? In a tart, with a particular cheese? We have a gorgeous plum tree on our property here in New York that is just bursting with the fruit. It is so spectacularly beautiful to see the branches just loaded and sagging with all the plums. To sweeten this ask, I will send a little Watson Kennedy ‘merci’ parcel for the suggestion that we find most intriguing and tasty. I would love to hear any and all plum-y ideas you have. Many thanks!
Happy Saturday to you all. From sunny Columbia County, Ted