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TruBee Spring & Summer Honey

20160509-065105.jpg Just In, bottles of the always delightful and tasty TruBee honey, in Spring Coastal & Summer Wildflower. The honeys capture the essence of a particular region and season. Instead of confining the bees to a single-source diet, their “free-range” bees are in places where they can forage tulip poplar, fruit blossoms and black locust in the spring, then feast on wildflowers, herbs and clover in the summer. Each jar of TruBee honey captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time. Given the changes in rainfall, sunshine and bloom time, the unique taste of each particular harvest may never be repeated again.



Well Stocked Mariage Freres Tea Shelves

20140301-065454.jpg This ends up being well-travelled tea. We import Mariage Freres directly from the company in Paris. It is so interesting because I get alerts along the way after I place my order–when it has been packed, what flight the boxes are on, when the flight has landed, when it clears customs, when it will be delivered to the shop.

20140301-065814.jpg The minute the huge boxes are brought into the shop you start smelling how good it all is. Then we start opening up the big boxes, and there is just a symphony of scents wafting through the air. I love tea arrival day. The shelves once again fully-stocked with fresh tea.




Barbara Barry Tea

20111022-083248.jpg I am over the moon thrilled to now be offering 2 very special tea blends by design icon, and Watson Kennedy customer, Barbara Barry. Her newest, Orange Grove, smells as yummy as it tastes. It perfectly blends Madagascar orange peel, Tahitian vanilla beans, and an exquisite oolong. Just typing all those ingredients made my taste buds tingle.

20111022-083856.jpg Citrine, has well composed layers of French verveine, Arabic chamomile, Thai lemongrass and organic peppermint.

20111022-084155.jpg The teas come in a beautiful black tin, ready for stylish gift giving.

20111022-084258.jpg They have found a very good home. We are always happy to gift wrap and ship–to any tea lover on your list.



Box After Box of Mariage Freres Tea

20111006-080458.jpg Our Fall shipment of Mariage Freres tea arrived from France yesterday. I am always delighted to see the boxes arrive after they have taken an Air France flight direct from Paris. We received over 1400 tins and boxes of muslin bags for your sipping enjoyment. The tea has gained a somewhat cult following–it is always fun to spot the iconic black tin in stylish homes when I am leafing thru design magazines. It really is amazing tea! We stock 12 varieties, in both loose and bagged. In a past issue of House Beautiful, they asked me what my favorite host/hostess gift to give was, and I said a tin of Mariage Freres would have to be it.