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The Gift of Pie

In our case, the above gorgeous pie was a gift from our sister-in-law, Marian. What is even more special about this gift is there was a second pie underneath the one pictured. Oh my! My thought with this post really is about giving in small ways, often. Giving of what we have. For some of us it is a baked good. For others it is time. For all of us it is a smile to someone we don’t even know. Give a kind word. This past week I got to meet two different blog readers from different parts of the country. Each shared their story with me which was an amazing gift to me. This giving idea is a lovely circle of love. Goodness and kindness and love all wrapped up in a simple gift, a gesture, a word.



Ted’s Tip No. 82

In this month of giving thanks, it is a reminder to give of what we have.  If you are baking bread, make an extra loaf to give to a friend.  If you have a tree filled with fruit, bring a basket brimming with the bounty to your next dinner or party you are attending.  These gestures have so much meaning and will be long remembered after the gift is enjoyed.



Ted’s Tip No. 73

This plentiful part of the season makes it a perfect time to pick up an extra basket of whatever catches your eye and drop it off at the door or desk of a friend.  A natural ‘just because’ gift that will be sure to be a hit and make their day.



Ted’s Tip No. 60

20160328-082453.jpg The next time you make cookies share part of the batch with an elderly neighbor or a friend who could use a pick me up. Sharing food you made is such a gracious act. Just think of the happiness you will have created by such a simple gesture.