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A Table for Take-Out

To me a supper of take-out deserves equal respect to a home cooked meal when it comes to setting the table. During these busy times, ordering out can be a lifesaver. Case in point, last eve, we had a hankering for barbecue. Our table for two using the English Wedgwood plates from Mister Sive’s Hamilton College days got things rolling, as well as the new Libeco Belgian linen dish towels we stock at WK that I like to roll up and use as napkins. We were off and running! A few pomanders I like to make in honor of the season, paperwhites in a pot as well as being forced in a glass compote, a happy potted fern, lilies in full bloom, the myrtle topiary in an old silver trophy–and a cozy table was set, ready to honor the meal.



Topiary Love

Flower Friday is not about a flowering bloom but rather a myrtle topiary. I might be channeling my inner Bunny Mellon as her love of them was quite deep. I saw a few tucked away hidden by some flowers at the grocery store the other day and it just called to me. I almost always had a topiary of some sort, usually an ivy variety, going in my showroom years ago in Georgetown. It is fun to rekindle the interest. We did not have any moss but we did have a bunch of Veuve corks & cages, so they came to the rescue when I was rummaging through things looking for something to cover up the dirt with. It all sits happily on the dining table.

A lovely last week-end in October to you all!