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The Table Is Set

A busy week awaits with a mix of family & friends, dinners and graduation party. Getting the table set in the morning when the house is quiet always helps relax me and takes the stress away from having to do it later in the day when the task list is longer and we are scurrying around before guests arrive. This table is layered with new treats from this stay. CoCo in Portland sent the most glorious majolica plates as a ‘just because’ gift the other day that set the tone right out the gate. The faux bois planter the latest find from my Trade Secrets outing in CT last week-end, and a French green ceramic candlestick from KRB when we were in the city helps light the way. Little pots of scented geranium with the sweetest pink blooms dropped into buckets added a bit of contrasting color. Ferns, Italian parsley and mint add a bit more natural green. Then all that is needed to complete the table before the first knock on the door is to light the candles and away we go.



GATHER Journal

20130702-061942.jpg A new stack of Gather Journal arrived at the shops last week. Beautifully shot and organized, this recipe-driven food magazine hits the design sweet spot as well. Lushly imagined images live with wonderfully presented words to create a winning combination. Each issue is divided into chapters, much like a meal–amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts. A theme drives each edition of the magazine, with film being the current. This is as much a coffee table book/magazine as it is a resource to use in the kitchen while you are cooking. To bring people together, to gather. What a perfect Summertime thing to do.