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Since 1862, Ferndell Coffee

Just In, at Watson Kennedy, an American classic, organic Ferndell Coffee. In 1862, The Sprague Warner Company is formed by its 3 founding members in Chicago–Marvin, Ezra, and Albert. Soon after, the Ferndell brand is born and begins to retail coffee, tea and spices. The company thrived for the next 100+ years, was bought up by a large corporation and then shuttered in the early 1990’s. Fast forward, in 2014 the rights to Ferndell Coffee were secured and the restoration of the brand began. When on a buying trip in New York a few years back, I stayed at The Marlton hotel where they served and sold the coffee and my love for it began. To say I was pretty elated when I got to meet the new owners at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last month would be an understatement. I could not place an order soon enough. Whole bean in the iconic tin in either the extra dark roast, Founder’s Blend, or the medium roast, Heirloom Blend. 



Eat Your Greens

20140426-075654.jpg All this good produce starting to show up at this time of year, ahhhhh. Eating greens is so good for good health, and I find mixing it up with lots of variety gets us eating a more and more of it.

20140426-080121.jpg My fab organic grower friend Margaret has been bringing me the most awesome baggies of greens each week. I thought I would share some of the images as they are just so pretty to look at. If I painted, I would be painting up a storm with all this natural beauty.

20140426-080403.jpg What I find so interesting is how much the visual appeal of food contributes to wanting to eat it. That saying of we eat with our eyes first before ever taking a bite is so very true. The above arugula and spinach were just incredible. Truly, the best spinach I have ever eaten. The last image is of curly cress, which neither of us have had before. Margaret said it would be lovely added to an egg salad sandwich. Which sounds amazing. We had it mixed in with the other two for a pretty out of this world mixed greens salad.

A happy, happy Saturday and week-end to you all!