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Chocolate LOVE

A few good pieces of a really good chocolate bar or caramel can brighten up any day. Over the past few years we have added more and more of them to our offerings at the Home store + our shop at the Hotel 1000, as well as our website. We have customers who pop in for their favorite bar each week. Some folks have a mid-day coffee, others have a bit of chocolate. Swell for adult Easter baskets too. The light continues to be pretty darn swell here in Seattle, so I clicked away a few at the end of the day.













Caramel with Sea Salt Dipped in Chocolate Moravian Cookies

20131211-041038.jpg When the world hands you caramel with sea salt dipped in chocolate Moravian cookies, you eat them. In my case, I eat them, I sell them, and I eat more of them. These might just be my favorite cookie ever! Wafer thin these Moravian cookies are, filled with all the above flavors. Oh my. I have been finding it hard not to eat both rows of these in each box, they are so good. They come in this nifty box, so for $6, they are an amazing stocking stuffer/co-worker/just about anyone you can think of, gift. Add to that our complimentary WK wrapping, and this might just be the niftiest thriftiest gift we offer.