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Ted’s Tip No. 189

Sheet pan suppers are one of the easiest ways to make a meal with minimal clean-up. One pan wonders. Here Cara Cara oranges saddle up next to sweet potatoes, yams, shallots and carrots. Chicken thighs were later added. Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and away you go.



Ruffly Orange Goodness

To say that I was filled with immense glee when I walked by this overflowing bucket of orange parrot tulips yesterday morning while on a flower run for the shop, would be putting it mildly. What an amazing sight. I could not wait to share it with all of you! Happy Flower Friday and have a grand week-end.



Hendrick’s & Lillet Blanc with a Twist of Orange

Our friend’s Lisa & Michael took me to dinner last month when I made a quick solo trip to NYC for a buying trip.  Lisa and I share a love of fried chicken, so they took me to a Marcus Samuelsson eatery in Harlem where that is top of the list.  A version of this drink was what we had with our meal.  They served it somewhat martini style.  This is my spin on it.  We served them last week-end at WestWard to happy reviews.  It is the Wine Wednesday libation of the week as Lillet is a French wine that is best known as an aperitif.

I served this on the rocks which made it a little less formal than presenting it as a martini plus I always like my drinks quite cold as ice is one of my very favorite things.  Use 2/3 Lillet Blanc, a 1/3 Hendrick’s gin, and a good sized slice of orange as the twist. Take another slice of orange and juice it over the glass so the orange juice mixes in with the wine and gin.  Stir. Serve.  That easy, that yummy. Enjoy!



Inspiration in Autumnal Hues

Such a spectacular time of year. You can draw inspiration at every turn. The light drawing out the reds, yellows, browns and oranges–the colors of the season. Here is a little inspiration in those hues.














More Orange Inspiration

20150407-044932.jpg My inspiration in a certain color often takes flight from a single item. In this case it was the peony style tulips from the Market on Saturday that got my mind churning. The variation of oranges just so incredibly vivid and varied. From warm tones to cool, here is a bit of orange inspiration as we begin our Tuesday and I begin my week.














Inspiration in Yellow & Orange

20150223-073350.jpg Inspiration can come at any turn. Some fluttery parrot tulips that we were bringing as a gift to our Oscar party hostess were what got my head spinning about the colors of orange & yellow. How they blend into one another. How the colors vary within the same hue. The tulips a perfect example of how when the light hits them you can see a bit of both. They are the inspiration for the day.















More Orange Love

20130906-065754.jpg This time of year is a bit like Christmas for a shopkeeper, as we have boxes and boxes arriving daily with new goods. It is always so fun placing the new things around the shops and finding them a home. Yesterday orange was a prevailing color that we kept seeing in product. The above Little Shirley vases which are locally based are just the sweetest darn things. They come in a ton of colors, but I just honed in on the oranges and the greens. I know, very surprising. These will make a perfect little host/hostess gift.

20130906-070402.jpg Founded in 1917, these orange covered journals by Leuchtturm will bring a smile to your face every time you go to reach for it in your valise or purse.

20130906-070659.jpg These Opinel knives have been made in the same workshops in France since 1890. I have been a fan of these for awhile, but the orange handles put me over the top for wanting to carry them at Watson Kennedy. These knives fold, so they are nifty to have in your bag or picnic basket when you need to call a knife into culinary action.



Outstanding Orange

20130603-085451.jpg Orange seems to be a color I come back to time and again. The energetic hue is something my eye is drawn to when I am snapping photos or just want a visual boost. I thought I would share some of my favorite orange shots. The above orange roses at the Kips Bay house I toured in New York last month were just so pretty.

20130603-085913.jpg These little orange roses were the only thing I could find at the country grocery store in Putnam County, but they ended up working quite swell cut super short and tightly grouped together.

20130603-090242.jpg A lovely new Dempsey & Carroll orange leather wallet to hold their cards that I picked up when I was at their shop. I think it will look so fun left out on the desk. The below journal sent to me as an invitation to see the vendor at the stationery show. What a clever idea. It worked!

Orange shop goods always catch my eye when I am waking around straightening up displays.




20130603-091008.jpg I snapped this shot on my tour of the glassybaby studio. These are the color sticks (not sure I am using the correct term) that are used to create the color for each vessel.

20130603-091321.jpg Fab wrapping paper that evokes thoughts of my favorite champagne…

20130603-091445.jpg And lastly, these glorious tulips that opened to so beautifully in varying shades of riotous orange. The tulips this year have just been amazing.

A happy start of the week to you all!



Orange Love

20130319-083221.jpg I was so struck by the strong visual of the color orange on the ‘Grace’ book I wrote about yesterday. Orange can be such a revitalizing color. I scrolled through my photos and kept stopping at all the variations of orange. The above roses a host gift brought to us the other night when we had folks to dinner. Loving the varying hues of fluttery orange.


20130319-083646.jpg Butternut squash before roasting and then after in risotto.

20130319-083811.jpg We served these the other night for the first time and guests adored them with cheese. I love all the variations of orange in each package.

20130319-084029.jpg Really such a great cover color.

20130319-084135.jpg The orange tulips this season have been out of this world. Next to a bottle of Veuve, I get a little lightheaded from how perfectly these work together.

20130319-084505.jpg Hard to beat the shade of orange that makes up an Hermes box. Hung as a bit of art in my office at the shop for a little orange happiness each day.

20130319-084731.jpg More roasted butternut squash mixed in with many other glorious colors to make a tasty salad.


20130319-084947.jpg Packaging that I think pops with the usage of the color.

20130319-085111.jpg This is one of my all-time favorite photos I have ever taken. The light was just amazing that day, steaming through the shutters in our kitchen. The tulips themselves so extraordinary. The combo of the light and the flowers–perfection.

Cheers to happy orange in whatever shade, shape or form it takes!



Inspiring Orange

20120616-061730.jpg I find it so interesting how tastes change, evolve and develop over time. When I was younger, I was not a big fan of the color orange. Now I can not get enough of it. I find the color, and all the things it inhabits–inspiring, soulful, cheerful. Whether it be orange with a bit of red in it, or with a hint of yellow, any shade just brightens the mood. Here are a few oranges that made me swoon.