A Refreshing Summer Cocktail With A Twist

August 25, 2021

One of the benefits and fun things about writing this blog post each morning now for so long is having lots of tasty things to look back on when I am searching for inspiration in the kitchen. Or in this case, the drinks tray in the kitchen. We have the sweetest farm stand not far from the house here at Hawthorne. They had some of the best tomatoes we had ever had this stay. They also had garlic bulbs for a dollar that were out of this world. Fresh garlic can be a game changer. So I roasted a bunch of their tomatoes with a few of the cloves of their garlic. It would be the base of a yummy pasta supper. I love pappardelle pasta and the farm store just down the way sells the most divine bags of it. We were off and running for this meal! Shrimp would get a day long marinade in the fridge with extra virgin olive oil and more of that heavenly chopped up garlic and then a quick roast. Finally, a brick of feta would be crumbled into the warm mixture of all to bring the dish together. Dinner was served. Now what to have with the meal? It has been quite humid and warm with the remnants of Henri swirling about. A refreshing cocktail was in order. A quick perusal of the blog archives produced this. It was perfect in every way with the meal. It is our Wine & Dine Wednesday drink of the week.