Orange Love

March 19, 2013

20130319-083221.jpg I was so struck by the strong visual of the color orange on the ‘Grace’ book I wrote about yesterday. Orange can be such a revitalizing color. I scrolled through my photos and kept stopping at all the variations of orange. The above roses a host gift brought to us the other night when we had folks to dinner. Loving the varying hues of fluttery orange.


20130319-083646.jpg Butternut squash before roasting and then after in risotto.

20130319-083811.jpg We served these the other night for the first time and guests adored them with cheese. I love all the variations of orange in each package.

20130319-084029.jpg Really such a great cover color.

20130319-084135.jpg The orange tulips this season have been out of this world. Next to a bottle of Veuve, I get a little lightheaded from how perfectly these work together.

20130319-084505.jpg Hard to beat the shade of orange that makes up an Hermes box. Hung as a bit of art in my office at the shop for a little orange happiness each day.

20130319-084731.jpg More roasted butternut squash mixed in with many other glorious colors to make a tasty salad.


20130319-084947.jpg Packaging that I think pops with the usage of the color.

20130319-085111.jpg This is one of my all-time favorite photos I have ever taken. The light was just amazing that day, steaming through the shutters in our kitchen. The tulips themselves so extraordinary. The combo of the light and the flowers–perfection.

Cheers to happy orange in whatever shade, shape or form it takes!