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Ted’s Tip No. 181

The zen of wrapping. During these days of gift giving, find calm and satisfaction while wrapping up the presents you are giving. Think of the work that went into finding the gift, think of the happiness the recipient will feel when opening it. Find joy out of the process of choosing the paper and ribbon.



A Finely Wrapped Gift

We have been finding the coolest sheets of wrapping paper lately. There are always baskets and jars and buckets filled with tied up sheets for your perusal. Often the wrap job can equal the specialness of the gift. That anticipation it creates when handed to the recipient. The perfect ribbon chosen to compliment the color/colors of the paper. All are little details that will not be forgotten, which become part of the memory of the gift.



We Are Always Happy to Wrap

At the shops as well as when things are purchased from our website, we are always more than happy to wrap things up for you.  We have quite a large selection of ribbons & wrapping papers for purchase or we can create a little magic with our complimentary WK signature wrap.  Keep in mind there are many stylish options, just ask.  We love creating a dreamy finished product that the receipient will long remember.



The Finishing Touch

A well-chosen ribbon ties the whole package together on many levels.