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Green Tomato Jam

This is magic in a jar.  I stumbled upon this Green Tomato Jam in the booth of one of our vendors awhile back who imports French goods to the States. Boy am I lucky I did.  We have had a jar of this going for several months now and I can’t get enough of it, it is so good.  A dollop of this with a piece of cheese on a cracker or baguette is heaven.  The slightly sweet and yet tart of the tomato jam melding with the cheese is really quite something.  We have served this combo to guests over the last few months to much delight.  Plus I love the look of the bottle, so I put it right on the cheese board.  It is not yet on our website, but if it tickles your fancy always feel free to give us a ring at the shop at 800.991.9361.  

A lovely, lovely Thursday to you…



Deluxe Foods Jams, Jellies & Preserves

20120229-052714.jpg A new batch of jams, jellies & preserves from Seattle based über fab Deluxe Foods has arrived! The brain child and passion of owner Rebecca Staffel, the award winning Deluxe Foods uses classic French recipes and then puts a little twist on it using herbs, liquors and clever fruit combinations.

20120229-053429.jpg The Earl Grey Tea jelly is amazing on toast, whether with a cup of tea or not. The Spiced Green Tomato preserves lovely with cheese and amazing added to a sandwich.

20120229-053809.jpg The Spiced Plum jam makes for a great addition as a glaze to a pork roast. The Quince jelly ever so tasty on a scone.

The happy packaging also makes all of the above stellar host/hostess gifts too.



A Sweet Treat

20111016-095049.jpg Maiden Preserves from Brooklyn is one of my favorite new finds. With flavors like lemon + vanilla bean, grapefruit + hibiscus, orange + bourbon, the combinations are out of this world. Plus they come in the sweetest jars. We then packaged them in a cello bag so they are ready to give as a gift.

Beginning Friday eve, the server for both the blog and our web site went down. I am so, so sorry I was not able to upload a post Saturday. The server is now up and running as of early this morning. It is the first day I have missed in 6 months, and I walked around with a knot in my stomach all yesterday worrying that I would not be able to add an entry for the day–hoping and checking constantly to see if the problem had been fixed. Please know that I get great joy out of writing this for all of you each day, and I take the term “daily blog” quite seriously. So know in the future, if there is not a post, it is a computer or connection glitch.

A happy, restful Sunday to all.
Sending much, much love.