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Blooming Trees & Spring

20160417-102934.jpg A small French lesson this Sunday morning and an image I saw several days on my walk to the shops this week, signaling the season in Seattle at the moment. And my oh my, what a glorious season it has started to be.




To See

20160325-062339.jpg A Friday French word to add to our growing list. The letter V is such a beautiful and strong symbol. May we ‘see’ all the beauty that surrounds us.



To Get Lost in the Day

20160313-085319.jpg I love the idea of getting lost in the day. No plans. Just see where the day takes you. This Sunday feels like one of those days. Happy adventures to you. Even if that means snuggling up with a good book for the day. Or venturing out. Getting lost in the day…



Learning, Always Learning

20160102-063622.jpg At dinner each eve when I was a kid, my dad would ask me, “What did you learn today?” Meaning what did I learn at school, or on the tennis court, or in life. Learning something new to him each day was of great importance, something he very much wanted to pass on to me. It is something I still to this day hear him ask me in the back of my mind. It can be as simple as a new word. On Instagram I started following French Words which posts a new word or phrase each day. Thought the one yesterday was quite fitting. Cheers to new possibilities in the new year!