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French Bath Mitts at WK

I soooooo love these, Just In, French bath mitts. An old vendor of ours stopped carrying them and we were without for awhile, which had me so bummed as we have carried mitts since we first opened our doors. Le Jacquard Francais, the famed linen company in France to the rescue! Used in place of a washcloth, they have become a Watson Kennedy classic. Paired with a bar of soap, they make a chic & useful gift–a combo I quite like. Happy to have them once again grace our shelves and vignettes.



Le Jacquard Francais Special Offer for WK 

Very excited to announce this incredibly generous offer extended to our customers from our beloved Le Jacquard Francais in France. Order one of their tablecloths by November 5th from us and receive as their gift, napkins to match. Depending on the size tablecloth, it will be 2, 4 or 6 napkins. We had the great pleasure years back to visit their factory and watch the linens being created. It was such an awesome experience and we left with an even greater appreciation for the amazing detail of their work. These truly are heirloom quality. Contact with questions or to place your order if this is of interest to you. 



Just In, Our 2018 LJF Calendar Towels

Just In, our beloved towels arrived from France the other day. Box after box filled with our Le Jacquard Francais 2018 calendar towels. Each year they arrive a bit earlier and each year I order more & more and each year we sell these beauties out earlier. I love how many have started a collection over the years. They make stellar gifts too. We had the great pleasure of watching LJF towels being made at the factory in France years back. What an amazing process. Might just be the best $26 value we have in the shops, as these dishtowels are workhorses, while looking pretty darn swell in the process.

Happy Wednesday all. Hope everything is grand in your world! X, T



Our LJF 2017 Watson Kennedy Calender Towels Have Arrived!

Box after box arrived from France last week filled with our 2017 Le Jacquard Francais Watson Kennedy calendar towels.  I order more each year and we sell out quicker each year.  This is the earliest they have ever come in, so it is fun to have them available so soon. These make one stylish gift.  I like to wrap one around a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or wine as a host/hostess gift.  Customers have told me they frame them, use them as a small table cover, and of course use them to dry dishes.  Give us a ring at the shop if one or many interests you.  800.991.9361  We are always more than happy to ship some for you too.
Happy Tuesday everyone!



My Favorite Things Today

I spent yesterday at the 86 Pine Street shop, so I snapped away at a few things that caught my eye as the sun streamed in through the oversized window that faces out to the Market and the water. Often it is images I am capturing down at the other shop as the big First Avenue & Spring Street windows let in an incredible amount of light which is ideal for picture taking. But the beautifully sunny day had the light dancing about so I hopped right to it. More bath-centric–towels, toothbrushes, shampoo and bath gels became my favorite of the moment. With vetiver being the winning scent. I had the door open the entire day, the sound of the fountain gurgling away and folks milling about in the background, the natural music of our beloved Inn courtyard.















The 2016 WK/LJF Calendar Towels Have Arrived from France!

20151010-072041.jpg They are here! The towels arrived from France the other day, stacks & stacks of them. Each year I order more and each year we sell out of them quicker and quicker. The Le Jacquard Francais towels are hands down the best under $25 value at WK. We had the great pleasure many years ago to be invited to the factory and watch the process of how the towels are made. Incredible. Truly where beauty and function live as one. We use the towels each day at the shops, for drying our hands and drying dishes. Some for more than 15 years, and they still look amazing. The calendar towel has become our yearly tradition. I know for many of you it has as well. They make fab gifts. My favorite is to tie one around the neck of a bottle of Champagne for a clever/useful host/hostess treat.

Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, which I adore. We head to Hawthorne tomorrow. Incredibly excited.
Hope your week-end is grand.
From Seattle,



Watson Kennedy 2015 Le Jacquard Francais Calendar Towels

20140904-054106.jpg They have arrived! It is always an exciting day when the delivery man shows up with box after box of our Watson Kennedy calendar towels for the year ahead. Yesterday was that day. These are one well-travelled towel. Made for us in France by the venerable Le Jacquard Francais, a LJF towel is made with serious beauty & durability in mind. That is one great combination. Mister Sive & I had the great pleasure years back of being invited to the factory in France to watch the production of these sumptuous/work horse linens. To this day I am still in awe of the experience and just how incredibly well-made they are. Factor in the myriad of colors that are woven into the designs, they really are like functional works of art. The calendar towels are always a big hit. I order more and more each year, and we sell out quicker and quicker. They make the ideal gift. Call one of the shops if you would like one or many, as they go fast. You know we are always happy to wrap them for you too.

A lovely first September Thursday to you in your part of the world.