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Leaf Loveliness

It is that time of year again. The sunny days creating foliage that is just crazy good. TPS clipped back all the leggy scented geraniums yesterday, giving me a vase full of loveliness to take back to town. This is when single stem vases come to the rescue. Each clipping is so darn pretty I want it to shine solo. By dotting then around the apartment we will get a visual hit of beauty at every turn. My idea for this post is not so much about geraniums but about any leafy stems you like that you want to highlight. They last a super long time and can give flowers a run for their money.



Single Scented Geranium Stem Love

A happy Flower Friday to you! The scented geranium plants out on the island have just loved all this sunshine. TPS cut them way back the other day in preparation for us being away for the rest of the month. He had a red bucket filled with them for us to take back to town to enjoy. Strewn here & there, mainly as single stems, other times a few snuggled together in a vessel. Here are a few I snapped last eve, reminders of what a grand Summer it has been. Their singular beauty, each leaf a tiny work of art.



Scented Geranium Leaves

The leaves on scented geranium deserve a Flower Friday shout-out for their extraordinary beauty. Often, the stems & leaves of flowers and plants can equal or surpass the prettiness of the bloom.  That is certainly the case here.  Whether a single stem or a big bunch massed together, they bring so much joy.



Strength in Pairs

Often, using a pair of something (candlesticks, hurricanes, bowls, baskets) bumps up the visual quotient considerably.  If you have a matching pair of something, give it a try.  The strength of the duo creates a collective whole visually adding interest to a table top, book self or wherever you see fit.



A Hawthorne Geranium

Flower Friday is a tad different today because it is not about a live flower or plant, but rather an exquisite paper plant.  I have written in the past of the artistry of New York artist, Livia Cetti.  Her work and the detail it entails is really quite something.  A new addition showed up at the house yesterday, finding a place of honor on the front table in the living room.  Live plants to have for the long haul here inside are not really in the cards, as watering them while we are away is an issue. This is where one of her paper flowers or plants comes into play.  We carry a variety of her work at the shops, so I am surrounded by the beauty daily when in Seattle. Fun to have her spirited work at Hawthorne where it has found a happy home amongst all the green.

A lovely, lovely Friday to you as we ease into the week-end…  Ted2+B



Garden Clippings 

Flower Friday is not so much about a certain type of flower or bloom, but rather, about herbs & leaves and all that good stuff.  Sometimes a little hit of green is all you need to spiff up a space.  Above & below, a little shelf at the Home store with clippings from plantings on the island brought to the shop for bit of visual enjoyment.  The shapes creating a visual whole from many individual stems.  Often, the leaves are just as beautiful as the blooms.  

Yesterday morning I wrote that I felt a part of my soul was French.  And then another senseless tragedy happens from what was to be a joyous day.  My heart aches once again for my/our beloved France.  I am beginning to run out of words to describe the sorrow we all feel from so many of these horrible actions.  But I will go on posting of beauty and of love.  For we must all revel in joy.  They can not, and must not, take that away from us.  



A Sea of Scented Geranium

We picked a rainy Sunday to make our annual trek to DIG Nursery yesterday to choose our scented geraniums for the season. They will fill the pots at WestWard, to be enjoyed now up until November. Fingers crossed, the scented geranium have not been of much interest for the deer. We will hope that holds true this year. Sylvia & Ross, our friends who own DIG, are as much artists as nursery purveyors. Their establishment is like walking into a live art installation–where plants, flowers & people meet. It really is unlike an other nursery I have ever seen. You just ‘feel good’ and energized while in the space–to me that is what good design evokes. They always carry a stellar stock of scented geranium. Here are a few images I clicked away as the rain fell making the greens even more green.








Shadows & Light

20150928-074108.jpg With that ‘Supermoon’ came super light throughout the day. The light in the late afternoon bouncing off the water through the trees creating all sorts of shadows and filtered light. Creating extra texture on the base of the tree trunk, bringing out a deeper red of the shed, and giving off shade after shade of green from the scented geranium leaves. The light this time of year can be something else. Take a moment to soak it all in when out on a walk, puttering in your yard, or out for a drive.




A Single Scented Geranium Stem

20150813-051235.jpg Single stem vases do not always have to be filled with a flower. Sometimes a stem from a plant will do. The scented geranium in pots out on the island are going crazy this time of year with all the fab sunshine we have been getting. They get leggy and we have to cut them back. Those clippings are like gold to me. This verdant stem making the ferry crossing, finding a happy home in a vintage apothecary jar in the living room at The Gainsborough. Looking at it makes me so giddy I could jump up & down and do a happy dance. How funny, I was trying to type the word ‘down’ and it autocorrected to ‘dork’ which just makes me laugh. I’ll take that. If loving a scented geranium makes me a dork, then so be it. Insert a big laughing smile at this early hour a bit after 5. My point with all of this really is, if you have access to plants or tree branches and they make your heart sing, cut a piece off, bring it inside and put it into a single stem vase. You will be happy you did. And I promise I won’t think you are a dork…




Scented Geranium Season is Upon Us

20150416-073324.jpg It is that time of year again. That glorious time of year that you start seeing scented geraniums popping up at nurseries and garden stores. These little little pots that grow into massive overflowing pots of joy. TPS planted up a bunch this week-end out on the island. Fingers crossed, the scented variety of geranium seem to be deer resistant. I hope I have not cursed us by typing that. To date, the deer have left them alone. The scented variety have such unique shaped leaves, they provide visual enjoyment in single stem vases at home and at both shops throughout the seasons. We have had a huge stem in the front window of the Home store for almost a full year–it taking root in a big vintage green bottle. The roots swimming about in the water such a lovely sight. Showering outside under the stars listening to the lapping of the water from the beach below and the scent of the geraniums waft about is one of my very favorite WestWard experiences. Just make sure the geraniums find a sunny spot, keep them well hydrated and they will thrive, providing tons of enjoyment.